10 Signs You’re A New Mom

Yesterday Violet turned eight weeks old, and looking back at the last two months I realize I’ve learned a lot about her but also about myself. Pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood pushes your body and mind in ways you never knew possible. I never knew how much pain I could endure, how little sleep I could survive on and how a beautiful little smile could make it all worth it.

With that said, here are Ten Signs You’re A New Mom:

1. All you talk about is breastfeeding.

(Breastfeeding is hard! A great resource for pregnancy and breastfeeding questions and support is the Pregtastic podcast on iTunes.)

2. You forget what you’re talking about mid-sentence.

3. Everything you wear is easily removable, pull-downable and cleanable.

4. You have no idea what abs are or where they should be anymore.

5. You can’t remember when you last showered/ate/went to the bathroom.

6. You find yourself feeling stranded on the sofa, as if on an island, when you need something mid-feed.

7. You bombard social media sites with images of your baby.

8. You jump to your sleeping baby every time you hear a funny noise.

9. You send most of your emails between the hours of 2-5am.

10. You obsess about how long your baby is sleeping and pray that they sleep longer soon.

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