41 Weeks Pregnant, At Least

Today I am between 8 and 14 days past my due date (judging by fetal measurements vs first date of last period). I am huge, I am achy, I have about two outfits left, but the most irritating thing has become the swarm of texts, emails, calls and Facebook posts from well meaning friends and family asking, “Is anything happening?! Is she here yet?!!!” Believe me, if anyone is eager to get things moving, it’s me. And from the last week of attempting a variety of natural measures to help this baby out, I can tell you that she is very passionate about staying in for now.

One issue with pregnancy in the US that I continue see and experience is this misunderstanding that the due date is the date by which a baby should come, versus the average date around which a baby should come. Once my due date rolled around many people were surprised and I began getting the “Congratulations?” emails. In reality, it’s normal to give birth two weeks before or after your date, only nowadays people are so eager to give birth as soon as possible (in keeping with American culture) that many are opting for inductions before or immediately after their due dates.

I’m 5’2″ with 25 pounds hanging from my waist, hip muscles that keep feeling like they’re going to give out and rib pain from my kid’s feet, so believe me I’m uncomfortable, but even so I can’t imagine voluntarily saying, “You know what, let’s just get her out as soon as possible”. Seems really unnatural and disruptive to me.

Of course, now I’ve gotten to the point where induction is a serious question. It’s possible I’m just 8 days late, but it’s also possible I’m up to 14 days late, so the longer I stay pregnant the riskier it may be. My mind has been in a bit of a turmoil about all this. First I had to prepare for a c-section at 38 weeks and now I’m between 41-42 weeks and having to prepare for a possible induction. Bloody hell! I’ve read a ton about it and it’s really hard to understand the true pros and cons when the variables fluctuate so much from one woman to the next. For instance, induction has to be different for someone who is 37 versus 41 weeks pregnant.

So today I have the non stress test and BPP to see how the baby is doing, after which some real decisions have to be made. As natural as I want everything to be, when I haven’t progressed at all in a month, the baby hasn’t dropped and I can still run around Golden Gate Park unfazed, one has to wonder if this baby has any idea how old she is. (I kid.)

Whatever happens, I just hope she’s safe and healthy.

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