An Obsession With Joseph Eichler

A few weeks ago Nick and I checked out a beautiful Joseph Eichler house for rent in Lucas Valley and instantly fell in love with its 1960s California Modern design, glass walls, redwood beam ceilings and enclosed atrium. Though we are tired of moving so much, this was something worth moving again for. Spacious and surrounded by nature, we knew we would have some of the much needed peace and quiet our city home has not provided. Not to mention that we were quickly becoming obsessed with Eichler and his work. We could not get the home out of our minds and spent days wondering who the lucky people who got it would be…until we got the call that the house is ours!

There is a mood to this house that feels transformative and I felt a pull to be in it from the moment I stepped inside.  My father-in-law pointed out that there is something about living in great design that inspires you to create great design as well; perhaps that is my attraction to the home–a need for inspiration.

As it turns out, Nick’s stepmother and my mother both lived in Eichler homes growing up and so there is a familial obsession with Eichler’s work. He has communities all over the Bay Area. If you haven’t seen his work before, I highly suggest checking it out. I put a pinterest board together In the Land of Eichler that shows some of the old and new designs.

(Images by Hirofumi Inaba Photography.)

(Images via Apartment Therapy.)

There is a marvelous designer named Elizabeth Torbit of Torbit Studios that has done some stunning remodels of Eichler homes similar to the one we’ll be renting. I’ll be modeling our new home off of her décor.

(Images via Torbit Studio.)

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