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    DIY: Homemade Live Edge Side Tables for $50


    For ages I've been admiring live edge tables with mid-century modern legs because I love the juxtaposition between organic and natural with modern and industrial. From independent boutiques to large retailers, I've seen a solid variety of these tables, but I was always hesitant to buy them because they're expensive for something that looked so easy to make at home.

    After a little research I found that the hardest part is finding the right wood slabs. If you have access to logs and woodworking equipment this is easy, but for city folks it means tracking down a vendor who sells pre-sliced cuts of wood. (As you would imagine, shipping blocks of wood can get quite expensive, so finding something locally is much more affordable.)

    While visiting one of my favorite shops here in Portland, Beam and Anchor, I stumbled upon the shop ECOpdx, which sells salvaged and sustainable hardwood furniture. The friendly people at ECOpdx sell slabs of wood for as little as $10 and they will sand and refinish the pieces for $10 each. I opted to pay the extra bit to have them prepped for me, but this is something you could always do at home, especially if you have an electric sander. The most important thing is making sure that the surfaces are flat.

    For the legs, I chose quintessential mid-century modern hairpin legs. These can be found all over the place–just google "hairpin legs" or visit Etsy. I found mine at a local Portland shop called The Reclaimory that sells vintage and modern furniture and décor at great prices.

    Since the slabs I chose are round, I only needed three legs each. My hubby marked the wood, tested the location of the legs, drilled the screws in (making sure to pick the right length so not too short or too long–which could crack the wood) and we were done. Super easy side tables for about $50 each!

    *Note: Another option is to take an old table/stool or a new cheap tabletop from IKEA and add your own legs on. Small changes like this can make something much more unique and personal. 

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    Laser Engraved Wooden Skate Decks by Magnetic Kitchen

    Have you ever tried skate boarding? I cruised around a bit in high school but never got close to being good at it, painting boards for friends and school art shows more than actually riding them. Twenty years later I still have a soft spot for skateboards so when I saw these laser engraved hardwood maple ones by Brooklyn's Magnetic Kitchen I was blown away.



    Magnetic Kitchen is a small design company specializing in laser cutting and engraving, but skateboards are a fairly new medium for them. Through Kickstarter they managed to earn enough backers to get their boards into production and are now selling the decks for just $80. The company also invites people to design their own laser engraved decks.

    I'm drawn to the Kanagawa board most. How about you?


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    A Girl & Her Dog


    Some of the sweetest moments we've had with Violet was seeing her love for our dog, Oakley. Oakley passed away in December and there are few days that go by when she doesn't ask where Oakley is or talk about playing with her. It's endearing how connected pets and children can be.

    Photographer Rebecca Leimbach captured this connection between her daughter, Harper, and their English bulldog, Lola, in these wonderful photos. One of the most touching aspects of their story is that Rebecca struggled to conceive and once she had Harper she worried about her not having a sibling to bond and play with. That role was filled by Lola.

    To read more of their story, go to Today!




    Looking at these gorgeous shots makes me want to run out and get another dog for Violet!

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    Brothers & Sisters Lookbook by Zara Kids


    Zara just released this adorable lookbook called "Brothers & Sisters" which features the kids of three great bloggers, OhJoy, pinksugarland and Mokkasin. The textiles and prints are great, as is the photography and styling, but what gets me the most is seeing all the adorable pictures of brothers and sisters. With my due date fast approaching, pictures of siblings together–especially two girls–melts my heart. As one of six kids and the older sister to three other girls, I cherish my relationships with my siblings and I know Violet will too.




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    Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.21.36 AM

    Have you seen Madewell's new catalog featuring Erin Wasson in Malta yet? I love the styling. If I wasn't seven months pregnant, I'd be tempted to buy an entirely new wardrobe as I'm sucker for easy everyday pieces that have a little edge to them.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.21.55 AM


    Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.22.07 AM


    Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.22.18 AM

    Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.22.27 AM

    Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.22.49 AM

    (All images from Madewell.)


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    The Gap: An Inspirational Video by Ira Glass

    This is an oldie but goodie–an inspirational video made for artists by the acclaimed host of NPR This American Life Ira Glass. It speaks to what all artists go through…those moments in life when you know what good work is and you don't feel that what you're creating is of that caliber yet. But instead of quitting, he inspires you to stick through those periods and keep creating!

    THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

    (Discovered via PetaPixel.)

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    A Tree Just Wants To Be A Tree

    Visual artist and Youth filmmaker Max Galassi recently shot a short film of my über talented woodworking brother-in-law Johnny Williams called A Tree Just Wants To Be A Tree. Check it out!

    "A Tree Just Wants To Be A Tree" - JAW Woodshop from Max Galassi on Vimeo.

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    How to Stay Stylish in the Bitter Cold

    Portland winter's are colder than I had imagined, so I've been beefing up my cold weather wardrobe piece by piece. Keeping warm while also staying stylish is tricky, but the keys are layering and proportions. This is made harder by pregnancy when your belly dictates your options, but all of these outfits can be worn while pregnant.


    Layering long sleeves under or over short, adding a vest under or over a coat, adding a hat or large infinity scarf–all of these outfits are great examples of how to layer with style.

    Chic colored coat, stripes and a cool hat

    Chic colored coat, stripes and a cool hat

    Simple pieces and some warm colors layered together.

    Simple pieces and some warm colors layered together.

    Warm accessories

    Warm accessories

    Big coat, big clutch, skinny jeans and Converse

    Big coat with a sweater peaking through, big clutch, skinny jeans and Converse

    Sweater over shirtdress over leggings

    Sweater over shirtdress over leggings


    The right coat can make your winter wardrobe. Choose something classic or with character, either way just make sure it fits well and all you need are some basic pants and boots and you're set. I found a great coat this season from Zara with leather sleeves and a plaid frame. I'd never warn such a unique yet everyday coat and I love how it adds interest to any outfit.

    If you're short like me, big coats will overwhelm your frame so it's best to stick to tailored pieces. And even if tall, skinny pants or tights with narrow boots will best balance a large coat.

    Big coat, mini skirt, ankle boots–just add tights!

    Big coat, mini skirt, ankle boots–just add tights!

    Simple coat, great details

    Simple coat, great details

    Cropped sleeve coat.

    Cropped sleeve coat with peekaboo sweater.


    Weather it's fur, Polartec, wicking wool or waterproof textiles you're working with, finding truly warm pieces is a savior in the winter. My key pieces are a few warm hats, a thin down vest, thick tights (300 Denier is great, either for layering or solo),  REI Smartwool socks and waterproof shoes. After years in bulky rain boots, I got some fabulous Loeffler Randall rain boots that I love–they're lightweight and work well with everything.

    Big hats, tailored coats

    Big hats, tailored coats

    Cozy warm sweater.

    Cozy warm sweater with great detail.

    Stylish rain boots

    Stylish rain boots

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    Youth Campaign by Max Galassi

    My brother in law, Johnny of JAW Woodshop, is on a mission to help young filmmaker Max Galassi raise $3500 for his new independent film project. In this brief video, you'll see how thoughtful and talented Max is, not to mention worthy of some funding! If you have a love of film, art, and young passionate talent, please go to Indiegogo and donate to the Youth Campaign.

    YOUTH CAMPAIGN from Max Galassi on Vimeo.

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    The Coolest Notebook Case

    A couple weeks ago I finally updated my digital life and got an Apple notebook and decided to get a nice case for it as well. I had been eyeing one in particular for some time–a beautiful handmade case by Timberline Treasures on Etsy made of authentic Pendleton wool fabric. I contacted Ginny (shop owner, designer & sewer) and she graciously offered to custom make me a case in a matter of two days.

    2013-05-23 20.28.50

    I don't know what I love more, having an updated laptop or the gorgeous geometric patterned Pendleton case I carry it in. What's great about these cases is that the wool wicks away moisture, perfect for rainy days and potential spills.

    Timberline Treasures has a nice assortment of unisex cases for all kinds of digital devices, along with bags, pencil cases and pillows. Great gifts!


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    Poppin' Desk

    Thanks to my mother-in-law, I have these great new desk accessories from Poppin. If you're looking for modern, clean desk accessories, Poppin is your place. You can shop by category or by color so that everything in your office matches. I went with aqua blue and love how it adds a bit of color to my otherwise white office.


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    Pick Three: Online Shops for Women

    Like many people, I often feel bogged down by the sheer volume of options available for just about everything (ever spent ten minutes looking at a wall of toothpastes?), so in an effort to maintain some minimalism, I've started to break things down to my top 3s. To start, when shopping online the options are endless, but my go-tos for women's clothing and shoes are...


    1. Shopbop: When shopping online, Shopbop is my higher end go-to. They have a consistently great collection of clothing, bags, jewelry and shoes from different designers, plus frequent sales with as much as 75% off items. Plus they have excellent customer service. (A close second is RevolveClothing.)

    2. ASOS: A broad assortment of trendy pieces at low and mid-level prices, plus free shipping & returns.

    3. Need Supply Co: Basically a combination of 1 & 2. A well-curated collection of low-end and designer pieces that tend towards the trendy or unique.

    I would love to know what yours are! Am I missing something rad?

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    BHLDN Traveling Trunk Shows

    Attention brides-to-be, BHLDN is having a traveling trunk show! If you're unable to make it to one of their shows, they are opening a new store in LA this summer (Beverly Hills to be exact) and have shops already in Houston & Chicago.


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    Orly Genger at Madison Square Park

    In late August I'm going to New York for a wedding and one of the things I'm most excited  to see on the trip is the new site-specific art installation by Orly Genger at Madison Square Park, which runs until September. Genger repurposed lobster line to make these undulating and colorful forms, weighing over 100,000 pounds.

    I'm also a fan of Genger's jewelry collections, Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer (aka OGJM), which feature the same use of bold knotted rope and painted line designs. You can purchase them at Shopbop and Anthropologie.






    (Image Source: Papermag.)

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    Etsy: Gifts from Abroad

    As the holidays approach, I've started exploring gifts on etsy again. There are some really cool international sellers, which requires a little extra planning in order to get your packages in time. So as a little preview for gift-giving season and as a means of starting early, here is a gift guide with some cool items in different price ranges, all from cool international sellers.

    (Clockwise from top left...)
    1. Salt & Pepper Shaker "Icosa", $35 at TaiDesign, Tokyo, Japan.
    2. Silver Grey Baby Helmet Hat, $37 at AlpacaKnits4Kids, Victoria, Australia.
    3. Organic Bamboo Turkish Towel (Peshtemal), $32.50 at TheAnatolian, Europe.
    4. Animal Mugs (Bird, Owl & Deer), $16 each at AsleepFromDay, Paris, France.
    5. Amazon Mountains felted Wool Slippers, $88 at Onstail, Oxford, England.
    6. Lady in Bath Handmade Needlepoint Pillow, $205 at KasiaUrbanRybsja, Kraków, Poland.

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    JAW Woodshop Rocky & Baywinkle Chairs

    My brother-in-law Johnny is a furniture maker who recently completed the prestigious woodworking program at the College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg (he also used to write the column Woodwise for Apartment Therapy). As his final project he designed two kids' chairs–one for his little sister and one for Violet. They are identical aside from the wood used; one was created in madrone and the other in bay laurel.

    Not only do the chairs have brilliant craftsmanship, but they are unique in that they can be used in a variety of ways–as a low lying seat, a medium high seat, as a rocker and as a dining chair.

    It's not surprising to me that Johnny was recently featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine for his work at the College of the Redwoods. He is quite talented!

    Check out more of his work here & his blog here.

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    A couple months ago I stumbled upon this rad poster shop SwisstedShop by Mike Joyce, owner of Stereotype Design in New York City. Swissted merges two of Mike's loves, punk rock and Swiss Modernism, two loves of mine as well.

    I've softened over the years, but in high school I was incredibly enthusiastic about music, especially punk rock. Some of my first shows were the Beastie Boys, the Cramps, Descendents, Social Distortion, the Pixies, etc.. (Agent Orange played at my friend's 16th birthday party in Las Vegas–say what?!) So when I look at these posters not only do the speak to my modernist design perspective with use of the grid and sans serif typography, but they also remind me of being a teenager and having so much of my life focused on music, experimentation, and art.


    I sent the link to my husband and he surprised me with two of the posters as an anniversary present, David Bowie (who I saw in concert in 1995) and Television, a classic American rock band who I'd love to see live. They look rad in Eichler-ville.

    (All images via SwisstedShop aside from the last, by moi.)

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    Best of Etsy: Statement Necklaces

    I've been finding a lot of new rad products on Etsy lately. First up is a new collection of statement necklaces. Perfectly unique pieces for fall, made with materials like studs, jersey fabric, leather, mixed metal and wood. Great for spicing up a simple outfit!

    Ivory Coast Necklace, $95 at MamaSheaShea

    Ivory Coast Necklace, $95 at MamaSheaShea

    Tribal Warrior Turquoise Statement Necklace, $68 at AtelierYumi

    White Laser Cut Leather Necklace, $86 at TWELVEandCOVET

    White Laser Cut Leather Necklace, $86 at TWELVEandCOVET

    White & Gold Statement Necklace, $28 at ScarlettRoseJewelry

    White & Gold Statement Necklace, $28 at ScarlettRoseJewelry

    Mint Green Jersey Fabric & Gold Tone Necklace, $28 at RimonbyTamar

    Mint Green Jersey Fabric & Gold Tone Necklace, $28 at RimonbyTamar

    Modern Black, Grey & Gold Rhinestone Statement Necklace, $127 at ShopChaiKim

    Modern Black, Grey & Gold Rhinestone Statement Necklace, $127 at ShopChaiKim

     Turquoise Spike and Gold Chain Necklace, $40 at LouiseLoirette

    Turquoise Spike and Gold Chain Necklace, $40 at LouiseLoirette

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    Twin Shadow at Great American Music Hall

    Last weekend my sister Nyla (the Robin to my Batman), came to town and joined me at my fave venue–Great American Music Hall–to see Twin Shadow  aka George Lewis Jr. with warmup band Poolside. I came across Twin Shadow via NPR's World Café a couple years ago, but it wasn't until this summer with the release of his second album Confess that I really started to pay attention.

    I bought both of his albums (the first being Forget) and listened to them back to back. I heard many sounds that reminded me of my 80s youth, filled with synthetic riffs and ballads like those by Morrissey and Keith Forsey. But there is a contemporary twist there too which is playful and energizing and makes you want to dance even if it's a sad love song.

    Live I was also impressed. Not only was Twin Shadow great live, friendly and charming, but he sings damn well and wore a fun mesh shirt under his blazer to boot (which, I might add, looked like a very hairy back in some light). He mentioned that GAMH is his favorite venue (does he say this to all the venues?).

    As for the warmup band Poolside, their look and sound took me straight back to summer nights in Los Angeles. A mostly instrumental band, their sound is lounge music on uppers; basically the perfect poolside music. One of my favorite tracks was their rendition of Neil Young's Harvest Moon...a great ode to a classic song. I also enjoyed Slow Down...“Slow Don't move so fast. Slow down. Let this feeling last. Relax It's alright. The starlight will guide us through the night”. My new motto.

    Poolside are back in the Bay September 22nd at Monarch and October 10th at Mezzanine & Twin Shadow is crossing the US before hitting Europe–check them out!

    And lastly, I want to leave you with Twin Shadow's fun video for his hit Five Seconds:

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    A Long Overdue Update

    When I started this blog a couple years ago, I was in a much different place in my life than I am now. It was easy to fill my time with multiple hobbies, various work projects and obligations. But as typically happens when you have your first child, my priorities changed. I found myself burdened by how busy I was, eager for time to focus on simpler things, like going on a walk or reading a book to Violet. Instead of living in the present and relishing the lovely moments I have with my rapidly changing daughter, I felt pressured to take on more projects while being an increasingly successful designer/cook/mom/wife, etc.. I started spending much too much time looking at screens versus going out and truly experiencing life.

    When my husband sent me the article The 'Busy' Trap by Tim Kreider, I realized that the trap I was in was completely self-inflicted, and that by minimizing all the extra projects and computer time and activities I could focus more on what I really want to be doing...spending time with my family, traveling and making art.

    With that said, while I will most definitely still be blogging, it will not be everyday. I want it to be a fun outlet, not another busy trap.

    ~Cheers, Sara~


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    Happy Independence Day!

    I am soaking up all the best of American culture this, swimming, a baseball game, bbqs. And today my siblings and I are going to the Marin County Fair for funnel cake and carnival rides. It's been eighteen years since I've been to this fair and I'm hoping it's as fun as I remember it. As an old fan of roller coasters, I am ready and equipped with a cross body bag and sneakers so there are no slips and fly aways.

    Happy 4th y'all!

    Rebecca Minkoff Mika Printed Shorts, $198 at Shopbop.
    All Saints Fallon T-Shirt, $65 at All Saints.
    Bensimon Tennis Lacet, $55 at Bensimon.
    Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag, $825 at Barneys.
    House of Harlow Pyramid Bar Stud Earrings, $55 at Piperlime.

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    High Top Wedge Sneakers for $225 or Less

    Everywhere I look I see a celebrity or model wearing Isabel Marant's high top wedge sneakers. I like how they blend comfort and functionality with high fashion cool, but I wondered how easy they would be for an average Joe to pull off. So earlier this week I tried on this Ash Italia pair at Urban Outfitters to see just how practical wedge sneakers are, and to my surprise I fell in lust with these trendy zapatos. They are super comfortable, fun, and are pretty easy to style with skinny pants or even a flowy skirt.

    There are plenty of high end versions from designers like Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant , Maison Marton Margiela Line 22, Rebecca Taylor & See by Chloe, but here are some more affordable versions between $100-225. (I love how Nike does a wedge dunk with Liberty of London prints; street cool meets 60s fem.)

    Ash Bowie Wedge Sneaker, $225 at Urban Outfitters

    Jeffrey Campbell 'Venice-Hi' Wedge Sneaker, $165 at Nordstrom

    Nike 'Dunk Sky Hi Liberty' Hidden Wedge Sneaker, $130 at Nordstrom

    Steve Madden 'Olympiaa' Wedge Sneaker, $100 at Nordstrom

    Schutz Hannah Sneaker, $208 at Madison Los Angeles

    ASOS Active Wedge Sneakers, $108 at ASOS

    Nike Fast Love Sky High Wedge Sneakers, $141 at ASOS

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    Re:Mark Designs On Etsy

    Phili-based re:Mark Designs makes witty, fun, original cards and invites with everything from a birthday card with a candy-pooping piñata to congratulatory wedding cards for gay couples. They have a store on etsy as well as a design shop for custom designs and orders. Check them out!

    Party Pooper Birthday Card, $4

    Anchor Wedding Card, $4

    Congratulations Wedding Card, $4

    Party Pants Card, $4

    Blow Birthday Card, $4


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    Denim Cutoff Shorts: A Summer Staple

    Denim cutoffs are my summer staple. I love the simplicity and ease of throwing on a pair with a plain tee, and I admire how women are incorporating them into fancier getups as well. But for me just three pieces… jean shorts, white tee, flip flops...helps bring a little Aloha into my life.

    via Latitudinal Tales

    by Passion for Fashion

    by Garance Dore

    from ? via For the Love of Pretty

    by ? via Hello Nikki

    via Frank Vinyl

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    ZARA TRF June Lookbook

    I'm really digging Zara's TRF june lookbook, complete with denim, studs, animal & army prints, plus some great detailing and draping.

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    Violet's First Birthday

    Last week we celebrated Violet's first birthday with a garden party on an unusually hot day. We wanted to balance it out so it was enjoyable for parents and singles, so we set up "stations" with a dessert table, a savory table, a kiddie pool, bocce ball and–as is always a focus in a British household–soccer on the TV in the living room for anyone who wanted to watch the Euros and escape the heat. Though Violet will most likely not remember a second of the party, it was really nice to have a big fête and celebrate our first year together. Plus, she had a ball playing with the other kids, getting sprayed by the sprinklers and having "Happy Birthday" sung to her by 30+ people.


    I started the planning early for the party, making tissue poms to hang in the trees (ridiculously easy and cheap to do on your own, just follow this Martha Stewart DIY), painting polka dots on a strip of white cloth, and making a simple banner out of felt, string, a hot glue gun and fabric scraps. But overall I kept the party pretty simple, just focusing on playing up the color scheme of dark pink, orange and yellow (I wanted to stay away from the obvious purple and Vi is too young to like anything specific like Curious George). It helped that my mom brought over a ton of different flowers, which spruced up and brightened all of the tabletops.

    The hardest part was probably the cake, a tri-color, lemon & raspberry flavored wonder which tasted and looked amazing when done but was a serious challenge for my lovely sister Nyla, who had to deal with a goofy oven and frosting that kept melting. I am not a baker, nor do I wish to be, but I am very lucky to have sisters who are!

    The highlight of the party was seeing Violet get so excited by the decorations, the colors, the faces and finally the soothing cool sprinklers at the end of a very hot day.

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    Baby Trashes Bar In Las Palmas

    This is the first YouTube video I've seen in a long time that I don't want to fast forward through. It's a trailer for a film called Las Palmas by Johannes Nyholm which premiered last June. I really want to see the whole film as the press images look hilarious.

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    My May

    One thing that parenthood has taught me is how to take a break and relish in the present. Instead of worrying about all of the projects I could be doing, I've been practicing the art of not working and instead enjoying the simple pleasures of life, mainly family, food, drink & the great outdoors.

    In pictures, this is what I've been up to...

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    The Statement Collar Trend

    I love statement collars. The can add a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise plain Jane outfit. I also see them as something that would confuse guys, like "Honey, do you like my outfit?!"..."Uh, yeah, but what's on your collar?" Even more reason to sport this trend.

    via Nasty Gal

    via Shadow Puppets

    via Babado Fashion

    via Pinterest

    via Fellt

    via For the Love of Pretty

    via Cats & Rocking Chairs

    via The Trendspotter

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    Wedding Dresses & The View

    My close friend Amanda was on The View today modeling wedding dresses for their "Say Yes To the Dress" segment. It's quite fun to see someone you know so well on television. I'm also dying to know if she met Mad Men's John Slattery.

    Check out the episode tomorrow on Hulu or here.

    Love you Amanda!

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    The First Birthday & Party Inspiration

    People keep reminding me of two things:

    1. Violet will not remember her first birthday.
    2. A child's first birthday is really for the parents.

    Recognizing these things, in about a month I will attempt to play hostess to loads of adults while simultaneously creating an environment which is fun and stimulating for Violet in the present. I love entertaining and planning events, so–as #2 so poignantly points out–this party is an excuse for me to do just that. It's also an opportunity to use all of those playful, girly decorations I never experienced at my own childhood parties.

    I used the free service Paperless Post to send invites. Unlike evite (which lacks good design functionality) and Facebook (which seemed a bit too impersonal), I could upload my own design and use cool layouts with Paperless Post,  and track who has received the invite or not. (The service has great cards too!)

    The next step is buying decorations, so today I'm heading to a craft store to buy a bunch of supplies and attempt to create them myself. While my sister keeps telling me that I need to abandon control and let other people help more, I keep thinking about how my many years in art classes and art school should make me well prepared for a world of crafty DIY projects. With Amy Atlas as my inspiration, we'll see how that turns out!

    Lastly will be the food, which I will gladly accept help with.

    (Images via moi, Amy Atlas, Potter & Butler on Etsy & Our Daily Obsessions.)

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    Photobook America Wedding Album

    More than two years after the fact, I finally got around to putting together and printing my wedding album. I got a Groupon for Photobook America and decided to give it a try.

    The design process was very intuitive and simplified, though it took me a long time to put everything together given that I wanted to customize everything. When I finally got the book back, I loved how the overall finished product looked, but some of the photos had poor saturation and the type bled. I contacted customer support and received–quite literally–some of the best customer service I've ever had. Over email, the rep walked me through everything, reviewed some pictures I sent, reprinted the book and expedited the new one to me at no cost. They were incredibly efficient and helpful.

    Groupon is having another deal for $115 worth of Photobook America products for $35 and I'm thinking about getting a new book printed of Violet's first year or as a book of the family with names for her to read. The quality of the books is great and I love that if there's a problem, Photobook will walk you through it and fix it quickly; few companies have great service like that nowadays.

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    Wedding Cards on Etsy

    It's wedding season again, and while my goto spots for cards in-store are Paper Source and Therapy, I love shopping online at Etsy for cards as well and seeing what unique new designs are out there. Here are some of my favorite congratulatory wedding cards, from simple drawings to ornate letterpress, no cheese-ball sentiments and photographed flowers included...

    Just Married Bike Wedding Card, $4 at JulieAnnArt

    Bride & Groom Letterpress Card, $5 at BremeloPress

    Folk Love Letterpress Card, $4.50 at DutchDoor

    You Tied A Good Night Letterpress Wedding Card, $5.75 at Paperwheel

    Congratulations Wedding Card (Girl/Girl), $4 at RemarkDesigns

    Letterpress Best Couple Ever Card, $5.50 at BSandRS

    German/Bavarian Congratulations Letterpress Card, $5.75 at concreteLace

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    The Photo-Print Trend

    A couple months ago I wrote on the Designer's Call blog about black and white photographic prints used in home decor and in fashion, but I didn't realize how big this trend has become until recently. From tropical beaches in Tulum and Palm Beach to wintery Alpine landscapes, photos on textiles can be seen everywhere and on pretty much anything. My favorite graphics are from Dries Van Noten and Carven, though I have a soft spot for the Tulum pouch by Dezso as Tulum is one of my family's favorite places to vacation.

    Carven Photo-Print Silk Shiftdress, $525 at MyTheresa

    Dries Van Noten Photo-Print Canvas Shopper Tote, $740 at MyTheresa

    Paul Smith Printed Short Skirt, $192 at farfetch

    Dezso by Sara Beltran Tulum Kyanite Water Pouch, $65 at L-atitude

    Motel Landscape Skirt, $58 at Need Supply Co.

    ASOS Photographic Print Tote, $43 at ASOS

    D&G Swimsuit with Tropical Print, $270 at ASOS

    Motel Palm Beach Print Zoe Dress, $50 at ASOS

    Kate Spade All In A Day's Work Shannon Wallet, $228 at Kate Spade

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    Step, Clap, Go!

    Another video on the shortlist for the Vimeo Awards is this adorable dance video meets fashion ad for Opening Ceremony for Target Go! International from 2011.  In it the girls from the Bronx's Bad News Step Team stomp it out in a variety of different outfits. Brings me back to learning how to tap, step and jump rope in kindergarten with my girlfriends, all of us in matching school uniforms.

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    The Bold Stripe Trend

    Forget Breton stripes because bold stripes have taken over this summer. Though I will always have a soft spot for the former, I am excited for some change.

    Striped Jersey tank, $23 at Gap

    Stripe Canvas Carry-All, $72 at American Apparel

    Alice + Olivia Evie Striped Maxi Dress, $484 at Neiman Marcus

    Lacoste 'Goa' Stripe Silicone Strap Watch, $95 at Nordstrom

    Lanvin One Shoulder Striped Top, $1775 at Bergdorf Goodman; Side note: this model is much too skinny! Eek

    Tibi Stripe Skirt, $285 at Tibi

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    Shredding the World Record With One Long Guitar Solo

    My childhood friend Rosa-Maria's husband David DiDonato is in the midst of attempting to beat the Guinness Book of World Records record for longest guitar solo. He has been playing since Sunday, May 13th at 7pm and should hopefully be beating the record anytime now. You can do it David!

    See it live...

    Streaming live video by Ustream

    Thanks to Badass Digest for the Ustream.

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    The Round Sunglasses Trend

    Kind of obsessed with round sunnies right now...a nice break from wayfarers, don't you think?

    via Pinterest

    via Fellt

    via Distiniguished Company


    Whitney Port via They All Hate Us

    via Her Majesty's

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    First Mother's Day & A Sunny Weekend

    This Sunday marks my first Mother's Day as a mom, and we're spending the weekend outdoors as much as possible, starting with a trip to Napa for lunch at Hog Island and wine tasting and ending the weekend watching Nick play in a USTA match at the San Francisco Tennis Club.  And my dream outfit would be...polka dots on polka dots with some gorgeous leather-wrapped sunglasses from The Row and fantastic two-tone flatforms from Jill Sander. (Sigh.)

    The Row Leather-Wrapped Round Frame Sunglasses, $445 at Barneys.
    Club Monaco Lake Polka Dot Silk Tee, $99 at Club Monaco.
    Paul & Joe Sister Gomette Polka Dot Silk Crepe Shorts, $124 (orig $275) at The Outnet.
    Jill Sander Strappy Flatform, $550 at Shoebox.
    Banana Republic Two-Tone Enamel Bracelet, $28 at Banana Republic.

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    Danger Beach's Apache Video by Oneedo

    Love this animated music video for Danger Beach's song Apache. Directed by Ned Wenlock (aka Oneedo) and animated by Rodney Selby, it's been nominated for a Vimeo award for <best> music video.

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    Paper Record Player by Kelli Anderson

    By far the coolest wedding invitation I've ever seen. Amazing!

    Read more about it here.

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    Vimeo Awards & TV On The Radio's You

    Vimeo is about to have a festival and awards for a number of different video categories, including motion graphics, music videos, fashion & advertising. I am partial to watching videos on Vimeo over YouTube because it's more of an artistic forum that cuts out a lot of the crap. I've been watching a ton of their shortlisted videos and will be posting some of my favorites over the next few days.

    To start, here's TV On The Radio's You directed by Barney Clay. I've seen them play a couple times and listening to them brings me right back to fun times in Brooklyn. They are talented, intelligent and know how to laugh at themselves.

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    Who Wears Short Shorts

    Now that I'm settled in a much warmer area of the Bay Area, I'm seeing a lot of short shorts. They are not something I take lightly. First off they can't be too tight and then they have to be age, cut, fabric and location appropriate. But when done right, they are so sexy and cute!

    One of the key ways to balance a short short is to pair them with an over-sized, flouncy and/or long sleeve shirt. Choosing a material that has a print or texture dresses them up a bit too. Here are some examples of terrific short wearing...

    (Images via Kaleidoscope, Song of Style, Fashion Distraction, Because I'm Addicted, Pinterest & Vanessa Jackman.

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    An Obsession With Joseph Eichler

    A few weeks ago Nick and I checked out a beautiful Joseph Eichler house for rent in Lucas Valley and instantly fell in love with its 1960s California Modern design, glass walls, redwood beam ceilings and enclosed atrium. Though we are tired of moving so much, this was something worth moving again for. Spacious and surrounded by nature, we knew we would have some of the much needed peace and quiet our city home has not provided. Not to mention that we were quickly becoming obsessed with Eichler and his work. We could not get the home out of our minds and spent days wondering who the lucky people who got it would be...until we got the call that the house is ours!

    There is a mood to this house that feels transformative and I felt a pull to be in it from the moment I stepped inside.  My father-in-law pointed out that there is something about living in great design that inspires you to create great design as well; perhaps that is my attraction to the home–a need for inspiration.

    As it turns out, Nick's stepmother and my mother both lived in Eichler homes growing up and so there is a familial obsession with Eichler's work. He has communities all over the Bay Area. If you haven't seen his work before, I highly suggest checking it out. I put a pinterest board together In the Land of Eichler that shows some of the old and new designs.

    (Images by Hirofumi Inaba Photography.)

    (Images via Apartment Therapy.)

    There is a marvelous designer named Elizabeth Torbit of Torbit Studios that has done some stunning remodels of Eichler homes similar to the one we'll be renting. I'll be modeling our new home off of her décor.

    (Images via Torbit Studio.)

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    White Denim: Drug

    Another great song (and video) from White Denim...

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    White Denim: Street Joy

    Another recommendation from my pal Sarah...Austin band White Denim singing–at prom–Street Joy:

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    Alexander: Truth

    This song has been stuck in my head for awhile now...

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    Lower Dens: Brains

    I have been almost entirely MIA from social media these last couple weeks in order to focus on some big new work projects, finding a new place to live and spending as much time as possible with my ever-active daughter. Until I'm up and running again, I'll post some videos. This is Lower Dens' Brains, recommended to me by a fellow Sara.

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    Polka Dots

    In an effort to move away from buying too many striped things, I've now become obsessed with polka dots. What got me hooked were these rad jeans from Current Elliott which I first saw at Barneys and then on the lovely Aw-Meeh of Song of Style (above). In an effort to get something a little baby friendly, I went out and got the black on black stiletto pair, which I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of...

    Meanwhile I am still coveting a ton of other polka dotted apparel. I can't help myself; it's all so playful, feminine and classic.

    Current Elliott the Stilletto in Black Polka Dot, $198 at Revolve Clothing

    Paul & Joe Sister Midori Lace & Polka Dot Silk Dress, $169 at The Outnet

    Whistles Erin Spotty Tunic, $99 at ASOS

    Topshop Petite Spot Shirtdress, $60 at Topshop

    Levis Made & Crafted Pleated Polka Dot Chambray Top, $175 at Net-A-Porter

    Forever 21 Polka Dot Harem Pants, $23 at Forever 21

    American Apparel Creme + Black Oversized Button-Up, $58 at American Apparel

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    Leather Jewelry On Etsy

    Leather mania is here. First it was things like shorts and detailing, now it has hit jewelry. And what I love most is the laser cut leather (like this insane piece by Vancouver's Twelve and Covet), the use of color and geometric patterns (like Los Angeles' Boo + Boo Factory), & the blending of metal with leather (like local Oakland designer Tangleweeds).

    White Leather Laser Cut Necklace, $72 at TWELVEandCOVET

    Geometric Leather Ring Triangle Kaleidoscope, $16 at BooandBooFactory

    Haystack and Wood Leather & Brass Earrings, $45 at Tangleweeds

    Geometric Necklace Modern Silver Cells, $58 at BooandBooFactory

    Geometric Statement Necklace, $68 at SchickiMickis

    Torcaza Leather Earrings, $30 at uyLaurel

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    Statement Necklaces On Etsy

    Though I'm typically a minimalist, lately I've been getting really into statement necklaces. I am coveting many beautiful pieces on Etsy, especially this beautiful leather, chain link and acrylic necklace by Brooklyn designer <Here> In The Shadows and the marble and gold spiked necklace by Tel Aviv's eF Jewellery.

    High Sierra Necklace, $120 at HereInTheShadows

    Modern Boho Upcycled Necklace, $30 at GoldTentacle

    Multicolored Bead & Silver Necklace, $53 at WhiteLilieDesigns

    Marble Spike Pendant Necklace, $75 at EFJewellery

    Bunting Triangle Necklace, $36 at LittlePancakes

    Felt Hot Pink Ball Necklace, $46 at Feltik

    Turquoise Beaded Necklace, $79 at AnemoneJewelry

    Gold Metallic Fabric Necklace, $14 at PamplePluie

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    Amanda Kerlin StyleSpotted

    My good friend Amanda was on StyleSpotting this week. Pretty lady! Her style sometimes brings me back to the cool of the mid-90s...and I want those sunglasses!

    (Image via StyleSpotting.)

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    Gold Infinity Knot Rings On Etsy

    Apparently it's all about the knots because I'm seeing a ton of designers making these cute gold rings with different kinds of knots. I'm partial to the simple pretzel or infinity knot. Makes a great pinky ring!

    Infinity Ring, $18 at MarysCabinet

    Love Knot 14k Gold Filled Ring, $29 by StreetBauble

    Forever Love Knot Ring in Gold Filled, $21 at LeJasChic

    Love Knot Never Ending Knot Ring, $16 at Jayy2009

    Handmade Bow Tie Knot Wire Ring in 14k Gold, $193 at NetaJewelry

    Custom Teeny Weenie Tied Ring, $28 at Florum

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    Goyte : Somebody That I Used To Know

    I've been sick and therefore MIA from the blogosphere, but I wanted to share this rad video and song that my brother turned me on to. The song speaks to most (dead) relationships while the video is artistic and beautiful. Goyte is playing at Coachella this year and to a sold out show at the Independent too!

    Goyte's Somebody That I Used To Know featuring Kimbra...

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    Florrie Arnold – Make Your Own Rhythm With Hoss Intropia

    Randomly found this ad for Hoss Intropia and it made me want to go out and make my own rhythm too. The girl in the video is British singer/drummer/model Florrie (aka Florence) Arnold. Most of her music videos are quite girly, but I like the edginess of this.

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    Favorites From Stella McCartney Fall 2012 RTW

    Stella McCartney's Fall 2012 collection instantly made me think of Betty Draper in Mad Men. The accentuated waist, rounded shoulders, a-line skirts, peplum and lace are quite 1960s, while the shiny gold belts, menswear and color blocking are more modern. I really enjoy the gold printed white dress, which looks like a bold Louis Vuitton print.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Jean Paul Gaultier at the De Young

    Tickets are now on sale for the new De Young exhibit: The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk which opens March 24th. I am thrilled to see this show, which will include 140 haute couture and prêt-à-porter designs from the mid-70s through 2010, as well as sketches and photographs.

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    Favorites From Christopher Kane Fall 2012 RTW

    Christopher Kane captured many trends in his collection...strong use of leather, bold collars, longer hem lines, sheer and bright colors. I love the sheer purple floral dress!

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Giles Deacon Fall 2012 RTW

    Though Giles Deacon doesn't really match my personal style, I was intrigued and impressed by the textiles, especially the dramatic gown with a burnout effect I've never seen before.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Temperley London Fall 2012 RTW

    Temperley London's Fall 2012 RTW collection is like an ode to the Arts & Crafts Movement and the prints of William Morris, with a touch of traditional Russia. I am in awe of the gorgeous sweeping gowns with bright reds and blues, the embroidered detailing and the charming attention to the neckline. I would wear the second piece every day!

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Paul Smith Fall 2012 RTW

    Loafers, pajama suits, menswear, union suits and velvet pants...

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Burberry Prorsum Fall 2012 RTW

    Burberry's latest collection had me swooning. They just take it to the next level in a very sophisticated way by creating dramatic silhouettes but always keeping the waist in mind so that the puffs and the detailing don't overwhelm. Though I'm not sure of the owl as mascot, I absolutely adore the peplum skirts and jackets, the asymmetrical grande ruffle skirts, the bowed waists, the draped jackets, the use of velvet and the wide stripes. I also like that newsboy caps are back in and that heeled booties never left!

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Antipodium Fall 2012 RTW

    To be honest I'd never heard of British brand Antipodium until this season when I discovered their minimalist style and contemporary prints. I love that their catwalk was so well mixed & that they had splashes of bright colors and pastels.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Anna Sui Fall 2012 RTW

    Anna Sui is one of the designers that got me excited about fashion in the early 90s. I loved her wild use of prints, her sense of freedom, her ode to the 1960s. Her last collection didn't disappoint, with a charming blue palette, creative mix of prints and playful textures.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Victoria Beckham Fall 2012 RTW

    What I love about Victoria Beckham's Fall 2012 RTW collection is the beautifully tailored silhouettes, the subtle contrasts, the girlish collars and the prints. I'm not even a cat person, yet I find myself wanting one of her cat dresses so badly!

    There is definitely a drop waist trend going on for fall...

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Marchesa Fall 2012 RTW

    Marchesa's fall collection is absolutely stunning! I was blown away by a number of pieces and kept imagining Rachel Zoe saying "I have to have that for Jennifer! That is perfection!"

    My favorite piece was this first one...a buttery white lace with intricate detailing reminiscent of Eastern Europe, with shoulders that are somewhat angelic and somewhat royal. Most of the collection made me think of ancient Greco Roman attire & mythology.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Michael Kors Fall 2012 RTW

    When I look at Michael Kors Fall 2012 RTW collection I see a lot of inspiration from 1920s-40s Hollywood. I love the skinny belted waists, the use of bright red and metallics, and the mix of lace with heavier fabrics. This man knows how to make a fabulous dress!

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Favorites From Prabal Gurung Fall 2012 RTW

    Prabal Gurung (pronounced Prub-ble Ger-rung) is a Nepalese fashion designer that has a serious talent for prints and balancing silhouettes. His Fall 2012 RTW collection is incredibly wearable, with beautifully printed skirts and dresses, drop waists, curved shoulders, draped leather and stylized knits. I could wear anything and everything from this collection!

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Zara: March Lookbook

    I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus this week, spending much of my time checking out the fall 2012 collections and entertaining Violet. Before I go into my favorite pieces from the runways, I wanted to add these three pics from Zara's March lookbook, which I think reveals all the greatness that is coming to stores!


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    Zara Kids: Insanely Adorable Baby Clothes

    I'm kind of flipping out right now. How have I never seen Zara's kid collection before? Their baby stuff is amazing! I am going to have to get Violet some cap toe and polka dot shoes immediately! I'm also in love with their asymmetrical button downs and mod style dresses.

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    Colored Pants for Under $50

    Get on the colored pants bandwagon for under $50!

    Low-Rise Colored Skinny Jeans, $30 at Forever21

    Vintage Matchstick Cords, $50 at J. Crew

    Ingido Rein Colored Skinny Pant, $30 at Alloy

    GB Gianni Bini Bright Color Skinny Pants, $44 at Dillard's

    Olivia Low-rise Color Jegging, $45 at Delia's

    Vibrant Skinny Jeans, $25 at Forever21

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    Happy Valentine's Day: The Pink Trend

    Have any fun plans for today? I'm making Valentines with Violet this afternoon and later Nick and I are making a fancy meal at home. Though I'm not going out anywhere, I still like to get into the spirit. Just in time for Valentine's Day is this booming pink trend. From pastels to hot pink, here is some inspiration on how to wear the trend...

    via Sterling Style

    toni garrn by david slijper for elle france fgr via honestly wtf

    via Pinterest

    Leticia Riestra via Trendy Crew

    via Coconut & Vanilla

    via Sesaw Designs

    via Elle

    via Harper's Bazaar

    via Harper's Bazaar

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    Whitney Houston

    I was so sad to hear the news of Whitney Houston's passing this weekend. As someone who lost their father to substance abuse at about the same age, I really feel for her daughter and family. Even though the cause of death hasn't been discovered yet, it seems like the most plausible option, or at least one that helped lead to her early death.

    My fondest memories of her music are...

    1. My kindergarten graduation where we sang "Greatest Love of All".

    2. My wedding where my good friend Janice and I started singing "Greatest Love of All" and got an entire drunken bus of about thirty people to sing along with us.

    3. Lip synching and creating a dance routine to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" in my mom's acid washed denim and zipper dress.

    4. Finding out that my youngest sister was conceived the night my parents went to see Whitney's Bodyguard Tour in Las Vegas.

    She will be missed!

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    Seven Cool Clutches For Under $100

    Rachel Roy OrphanAid Ghana Clutch, $49 at Neiman Marcus

    ASOS Slot Through Envelop Clutch, $36 at ASOS

    Trump Clutch, $75 at Amazon

    Mar y Sol Gold Thread Marcella Clutch, $86 at Bloomingdales

    ASOS Pyramid Metal Tip Clutch, $27 at ASOS

    River Island Suede Envelope Clutch, $48 at ASOS

    Need Supply Co. Envelope Clutch, $38 at Need Supply Company

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    The White Lace Trend in Pictures

    Hanneli via Citizen Couture

    via Fashion Salade

    ? via Pinterest

    ? via Stealthestyle

    via The Sartorialist

    via Sea NY

    via Dewy-Eyes

    ? via Pinterest

    via Glam Canyon

    ? via Pinterest

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    Hot Pink!

    Hot Pink is blowing up! What do you think-would you wear it? I'm partial to pink accessories or a pink top like this which can be toned down with neutral pieces.

    Equipment Signature Blouse in Hot Pink, $208 at RevolveClothing.
    3.1 Phillip Lim Cropped Sweater, $498 (orig $711) at Farfetch.
    J Brand Denim Blue Bette High Waisted Flares, $140 (orig $350) at MyTheresa.
    Loeffler Randall Chloe Platform Sandal, $350 at Loeffler Randall.

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    Riding High: Equestrian Style

    Equestrian style is one that I only dabble in, in part because I have nothing to do with the equestrian world aside from having a close friend who use to ride competitively and has a horse named d'Artagnan. But I love taking elements of the polished style and making it a bit more funky, from adding punky jewelry to unusual colors and details.

    Red Valentino Cotton-Blend Knitted Cardigan, $595 at Net-A-Porter.
    Sandro Bottle Green Corduroy Pants, $157 (orig $225) at Stylebop.
    Dooney & Bourke 'Florentine' Vachetta Leather Satchel, $378 at Nordstrom.
    J. Crew Classic Jenna Bracelet, $88 at J. Crew.
    AK Anne Klein Craslee Riding Boots, $130 (orig $169) at Macy's.
    Vince Camuto Metal & Leather Aviator Sunglasses, $75 at Nordstrom.

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    Seven Colorful Flats For Under $100

    Anthropologie Trinket Flats - Tennis Racket, $98 at Anthropologie

    BC Footwear It's A Cinch Flat, $60 at Amazon

    Fossil Saxon Leather Flat, $70 at Endless

    Enzo Angiolini Claton Shoes, $89 at Macy's

    Steve Madden Croquet Flats, $70 at Steve Madden

    Topshop Vibrant Yellow Ballet Pumps, $32 at Topshop

    Express Satin Pointy Toe Flat, $35 at Express

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    Jenna Rose Handmade On Etsy

    Jenna Rose Handmade is a Canadian shop that focuses on hand screen printed textiles in non toxic water based pigments and natural organic materials. Her prints are whimsical and charming, with bags, pillows and linens in prints of honeycomb, waves and tree houses. Sustainable design at its best!

    Honeycomb Large Zipper Tote, $68

    Large Zipper Pouch, $24

    Yellow Treehouse Pillow, $58

    Black Ships Messenger Bag, $72

    Organic Cotton Blanket with Gray Bike Print, $98

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    The Yellow Trend in Pictures

    Jade Parfitt via Alta Mira

    Daiane Conterato, Paris Fashion Week vis Trendy Crew

    Leticia Riestra via Trendy Crew

    via Trendy Crew

    via Wayne Tippets

    Vera Wang Spring RTW 2012 via The Glitter Guide

    via Vanessa Jackman

    via Extra Petite

    Stephanie with Yellow Celine bag via Trendy Crew

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    COLOR at J. Crew

    I have a lovely gift card for J. Crew and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. While I started looking at basics in black and white (my everyday wardrobe), I am getting pulled in by the colorful pieces I'm seeing. I like how pops of color are so big for spring/summer cheerful and Californian!

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    Everything Is Jake On Etsy

    Being rather obsessed with Hawaii and a graphic designer, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a beautiful series of contemporary Hawaiian-themed graphic prints on Etsy. The artist, Nick Kuchar, has a shop called  Everything Is Jake and a website of the same name. The prints have a distinctly vintage style reminiscent of travel posters of the 1930s and 40s, which I've always had an affection for.

    I admire Nick's retro style and I'm curious what his design process is. If you check out his gallery you'll notice he has quite the talent for typography, illustration and color.

    I want every single one. Don't you?!

    Haleiwa Town, $18

    Waimea Canyon, $18

    Wailua Falls Print, $18

    Retro Hawaii 4x6 Postcard Set, $14

    East Maui Love Series, $48


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    The Box Clutch Trend

    The box clutch trend is one of my favorite trends right now. The pieces coming out are so bold and playful that they become timeless...and perfect accessories for evening wear.

    The line for Alexander McQueen has specifically blown me away. There are a number of different options with designs in woven leather, crystal embellishments, pearls, signature skulls, and even brass knuckles on top! They are seriously beautiful works of art. But if, like most of us, you don't have a small fortune for a handbag, there are always affordable options out there too (see below).

    Spotted Karung Serpent Skull Knucklebox Clutch, $2045 at Alexander McQueen

    DVF Lytton Small Minaudiere, $365 at Shopbop

    Lulu Townsend Flower Snap Box Clutch, $30 at DSW

    House of Harlow 1960 Olivia Clutch, $220 at The Trend Boutique

    Kotur Morley Croc-Embossed Box Clutch, $400 at Neiman Marcus

    McQueen Shark Teeth Skull Clutch, $2295 at Zappos Couture

    DVF Tonda Snake Clutch, $365 at Neiman Marcus

    Johnny Loves Rosie Box Clutch Bag with Stone Detail, $86 (orig $134) at ASOS

    Jessica McClintock Metal Box-Frame Minaudiere, $65 at Lord & Taylor

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    A Case Of The Mondays

    I'm having a serious case of the Mondays. I think it's largely due to the fact that my trips are over and I have no new ones planned for the near future and it's gloomy outside. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? I think I'd go back to Thailand. The only thing I'd miss would be a chance to wear cool cold weather gear like this...

    Free People New Romantics Embellished Dress, $128 at Shopbop.
    Kelsi Dagger Kirsti, $113 (orig $200) at Zappos.
    KaufmanFranco Knitted Alpaca Wrap Cardigan, $895 at Net-A-Porter.
    Mulberry Gems Studded Leather Gloves, $310 at Net-A-Porter.
    Marc Jacobs Oversized Round Sunglasses, $295 at Shopbop.

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    How To Style A Blazer: In Pictures

    via Hanneli

    vua Sierra Chantal

    via A-ve-nue

    via WolfySmile

    via Vanessa Jackman

    via Remain Simple

    via Coconut & Vanilla

    via Stockholm Street Style

    via Emerson Made

    via the Glitter Guide

    via The Sartorialist

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    Creative Baby Onesies On Etsy

    Over the last few months a ton of friends have gotten pregnant and had babies, providing the perfect opportunity to shop for creative, unique onesies. They make a great shower gift!

    P Is For Pierogi Onesie, $16 at Garbella

    Yellow Goldfish Bodysuit, $15 at PigeonCameraDesigns

    Chillin' In My Crib Blue Onesie, $16 at HappyFamily

    Rockabye Baby Modern Chair Onesie, $22.50 at ChairyTales

    Seahorse Organic Cotton Onesie, $20 at The Jetty

    Ron Swanson Bacon Onesie, $15 at SmokinChix

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    Seven Gold Ballet Flats For $100 & Under

    I'm on the hunt for some great gold flats. I love how they pair well with just about everything so seamlessly...

    Sam Edelman Frankie Metallic Ballet Flats, $100 at Shopbop

    Alejandra Sky Court Gold Metal Flats, $30 at 6pm

    J. Crew Lulu Glitter Ballet Flats, $90 at J. Crew

    Sam Edelman Felicia Leather Flats, $89 at Lord & Taylor

    Enzo Angiolini Colden Light Gold Flats, $79 at Piperlime

    Dodo' Le Parisienne Ballet Flats, $88 at Yoox

    Ciao Bella Ballad Foldable Flat, $40 at DSW...perfect for traveling!


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    Hello Monday & How To Apply Fake Eyelashes

    How was your weekend? Mine was pretty pleasant. I had a great meal at Ebisu on Saturday night (I'm a sushi fiend) and went on a long jog in Golden Gate Park with Violet on Sunday. She now loves when I run with her in the stroller.

    This coming week is an exciting one as I'm taking Violet to Las Vegas later in the week. All three of my sisters and my stepmom live there, meaning I will have full use of both of my arms for a few days.

    One of my sisters is a makeup artist, and for Halloween she put fake lashes on me. They were really fun to wear, but take a lot of practice to apply. Here's a new video from LEAF on just how to apply them...


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    Weekender: Leather Pants & A Tee Shirt

    J. Crew Saturdays Square Type Tee, $40 at J. Crew.
    Balmain Stretch-Leather Skinny Pants, $4600 at Net-A-Porter.
    Lauren by Ralph Lauren Kandice Platform Booties, $120 at Macy's.
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Vera Wave Knit Cardigan, $305 at MyTheresa.
    Michael Kors 8190 Watch, $225 at RevolveClothing.
    Dannijo Rima Bracelet, $84 at RevolveClothing.

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    Wintertime Style: Red, Black & Gold

    ASOS Shift Dress with Knot Front, $55 (orig $91) at ASOS.
    Joan & David Flipp Glitter Platforms, $200 at Bloomingdales.
    Satomi Kawakita Point Ring with White Diamond, $260 at La Garçonne.
    Rebecca Minkoff Circle Quilt Swing Bag, $395 at Rebecca Minkoff.
    Marcia Moran Black Druzy Chandelier Earrings, $270 at Endless.

    Read more link text

    Wintertime Style: Black, Brown & Gold

    Opening Ceremony Knit Blazer with Scarf, $427 (orig $610) at La Garçonne.
    Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Panther Print Top, $325 at StyleBop.
    AllSaints Elben Cropped Leather Trousers, $650 at AllSaints.
    Mango Leather Suede Lace Up Ankle Boot, $130 at Mango.
    DVF Tonda Ostrich-Embossed Clutch, $375 at Neiman Marcus.
    ASOS Tortoiseshell Detail Boyfriend Watch with Contrast Sub-Dials, $55 at ASOS.
    Maria Black Stud Earring, $97 at FarFetch.

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    Lana Del Rey: Born To Die

    Lana del Rey's new video for Born To Die just came out. Clearly she has some professional help on her videos now. Love!

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    Holiday Gifts for the Kitchen on Etsy

    Vintage Green Handles Kitchen Utensils, $35 at CraftyDill.
    Spoonful of Sugar handmade bowl, $42 at Paulova.
    Dish Towel Linen Check, $16 at Inklore.
    Deluxe Baking Spice Kit, $32 at CraigsMarket.
    Coffee Scrub Kitchen Soap, $6 at RockyTopSoapShop.
    4x6 Whisk Print, $10 at FlourishCafe.

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    Breathe Owl Breathe's The Listeners/These Train Tracks: A Fresh Take On Children's Books

    Last week this amazing book meets music experience was released by the band Breathe Owl Breathe called The Listeners/These Train Tracks. What makes this book so beautiful, intriguing and fun is that it's two books in one (you flip over the book to start the second story), the illustrations are made with copper block prints, and there is <good> music on a 7" vinyl to accompany the stories! (The music label RAD has been creating records, skateboards and tees since 2007.)

    The mastermind behind the project, artist/musician Micah Middaugh, has been writing children's books for years and has spent nearly three years working on this project. Amazing piece of functional art, wouldn't you say? This is a rad gift for the holidays!

    To see more of the book, check out this video on YouTube and the ebook here. To buy a copy, visit here.

    (Images via What Is Rad on Flickr.)

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    Holiday Gifts for Kids on Etsy

    Natural Buggy Mobile Wood Toy, $18 at SmoochBabyDesign.
    Wooden Alphabet Block Set, $40 at SquidMonkeyProject.
    Free Bike Rides Drawing Baby Onesie, $15 at TrulySanctuary.
    Baby Shoes Red & White Raindrops Slippers, $28 at BusterBooKids.
    Sheepskin Mittens, $16 at BornBeSpoke.
    Sleepy Hedgehog Plush Toy, $40 at RileyConstruction.

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    Seven Colorful Suede Heels for Under $100

    Oddly enough I do not have any basic black pumps, but I have a ton of colorful suede ones. I wear a lot of black, so I like to add color in accessories and I love suede because it doesn't mark like leather and it has a soft texture that balances bright colors so that they are not over the top-as in shiny and bright!

    Though it's definitely easier to wear suede in California as it doesn't rain or snow like the east coast, with a little suede spray and a brush, suede can be kept up in pretty much any weather.

    Ivanka Trump Bulbi Magenta Suede Heels, $88 (orig $125) at Zappos

    DV by Dolce Vita Bessie Pump, $99 at Endless

    Topshop Suede Court Shoes, $92 at TopShop

    Moda Spana Quita Suede Pump, $55 at DSW

    Golda Gold Trim Court Shoes, $100 at Topshop

    Nine West Jammup Pump, $85 at Endless

    Nine West 'Aroundtown' Mary Jane Pump, $99 at Nordstrom

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    Holiday Gifts for Her on Etsy

    Bright Yellow Kangaroo Leather Clutch with Gold Tiger, $90 at SomAndTooby.
    Sideways Initial Bracelet in 14K Solid Gold, $65 at ClassicDesigns.
    Chevron Custom Personalized Stationary, $25 at SilhouetteBlue.
    Striped Chiffon Sleep Boxer, $35 at NaomiLingerie.
    Gold Stud Knot Your Momma's Earrings, $20 at StrangeLittleGirl.
    Strasbourg Birds Scarf, $150 at PauperVoile.

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    Seven Capes For Under $100

    Capes are back! What do you think of them? I'm partial to the whimsical, flowly and less structured/preppy styles myself, especially ones with hoods. They are such a great piece to throw over jeans and a tee on a rainy day.

    American Apparel Fleece Cape, $97 at ASOS

    Classic Cape Coat, $38 at Forever 21

    Larry Levine Button Cape with Epaulets, $99 at Zappos

    ASOS Petite Coat in Heritage Check, $87 (orig. $180) at ASOS: my fave!

    Calvin Klein Cape, $80 (orig $160) at Nordstrom

    Helene Berman Leather Trim Cape, $91 at Nordstrom

    Shearling Toggle Cape, $80 at Piperlime

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    The Silver Trend...In Pictures

    First gold, now silver...

    I'm kind of obsessed with Fendi's metallic leaf eyes and Giles' amazing laser cut leather pieces...but most of all I am in love with Antonio Berardi's Grecian style silver leaf dress.

    Fendi Spring 2012 via WeHeartIt

    Antonio Berardi Spring 2012 via Glamorous Grime

    Alexander McQueen

    Giles SS12 via StyleBubble

    Kamilya via Vanessa Jackman

    via Design Darling

    Marc Jacobs via Pinterest

    via The American Legacy

    via MiddleChildComplex

    Valentino via 20SomethingChic


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    Stars: A Take Away Show in San Francisco

    I love Stars and was so excited to find this Take Away show in San Francisco. Awesome. Read more about the show here.

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    The Peter Pan Collar Trend

    I started my schooling at Peter Pan Preschool in Alameda, so I'm pretty comfortable rocking Peter Pan collars. I like that they are sweet and girly while also sort of an ode to 90s female grunge rockers. And I love that ASOS and Free People are making Peter Pan collars that you can attach to any shirt or dress!

    The Row Perch-Collar Silk Blouse, $1300 at Bergdorf Goodman

    Stella Collar, $498 at Free People

    Alannah Heather Dress, $294 at FarFetch

    Elkin Blake Dress, $415 at Shopbop

    ASOS Premium Sequin Collar, $45 at ASOS

    Au Jour Le Jour Peter Pan Collar Dress, $525 at FarFetch

    Pleated Peter Pan Smock Dress, $100 at TopShop

    French Connection Contrast Peter Pan Collar Top, $99 at ASOS

    Miu Miu Silk Crepe de Chine Blouse, $655 at Net-A-Porter

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    Sharon Van Etten: Take Away Show

    Found this Take Away show with Sharon Van Etten that is pretty hypnotic. It's filmed outside Fairway Market-the grocery store in Red Hook Nick I would go to when we lived in Fort Greene. Ah, I miss Brooklyn.

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    Holiday Style: Gold & Velvet

    Today is the first day that truly feels like fall, and it's a reminder that Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it'll soon be holiday party time. I for one love holiday parties; festive and sparkly, they are one of the few times in the year when I really have a reason to dress up...and I love dressing up.

    Tsumori Chisato Mushroom Blouse, $498 at La Garçonne.
    Sandro Green Velvet Bow Skirt Joyau, $97 (orig $195) at Stylebop.
    Kate Spade Sparkle Summit Brynn Clutch, $345 at Kate Spade.
    Yves Saint Laurent Jinny Suede Wedges, $1495 at Net-A-Porter.
    Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in Mitzah, $22 at Sephora.
    Kate Spade New York Sparkly Gems Chandelier Earrings in Colorado, $98 at Zappos Couture.

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    Holiday Gifts For Him on Etsy

    Professor Aftershave Balm, $29 at PortlandGeneralStore.
    Physics Cufflinks - between the power and the weight, $40 at WhiteTruffle.
    My Moon My Man T-Shirt, $25 at BlackBirdTees.
    Handmade Leather Personalized Shaving Bag, $60 at FelixStreetStudio.
    Wooden Men's Shaving Kit, $25 at DirtyDeedsSoaps.

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    The Gold Sequin Trend in Pictures

    via Zara

    via WeHeartIt

    via A-ve-nue (who took the original?)

    via Lucy Laught

    va Stockholm Street Style

    via ZARA

    via Reasons to Breathe

    via Pinterest (know the original source?)

    via Fashiolista

    via Street Fashion Style

    via PrettyCityLife


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    Aloe Blacc Singing "Green Lights"

    Another of La Blogotheque's Take Away shows with Aloe Blacc...

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    Aloe Blacc: A Take Away Show Featuring "Hey Brother" & "I Need A Dollar"

    I have a crush on Aloe Blacc. He's rad. Love this Take Away Show featuring the songs "Hey Brother" and "I Need A Dollar"...

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    Seven Great Fall Hats For Under $50

    Three reasons I love hats:

    1. They can complete & heighten a simple outfit.
    2. They are functional.
    3. I have a big forehead and they cover it.

    ASOS Wide Brim Fedora, $45 at ASOS

    Free People Knit Turban Hat, $28 at Lord & Taylor

    Brixton Brood Hat in Plaid, $37 at Revolve Clothing

    Urban Outfitters Soft Brim Felt Fedora, $34 at Urban Outfitters

    Michael Stars Slouchy Beanie in Rainforest, $48 at Revolve Clothing

    Jessica Simpson Side Braided Panama Hat, $42 at Amazon

    OBEY Navajo Design Beanie, $30 at Revolve Clothing

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    Pendelton on Etsy

    Etsy has some amazing vintage and new Pendleton pieces, both from Pendleton itself and using Pendleton fabrics. If you're a lover of Pacific Northwest style or Native American prints, this Portland, Oregon brand is right up your alley!

    One of my favorite shops is TimberlineLtd, which specializes in Pendleton wools and tapestry fabrics and makes unique Macbook & iPad covers, beautiful bags and pillows in Pendleton fabrics.

    (Click on the image to be taken to the shop!)

    70s Vintage Pendelton Sweater (Unisex), $180 at ProseAndPalaver

    13" Macbook Pro Laptop Cover in Pendleton fabric, $50 at TimberlineLtd

    Vintage Oak Camping Stool in Pendelton Wool, $59 at IndianvsIndian

    Extra-Long Vintage Pendleton Scarf, $48 at YardShow

    Pendelton Wool Shoulder Bag, $75 at TimberlineLtd

    Warm Night Pendleton Wool Pillow, $56 at BranchandBirdie

    Vintage Pendleton Cosmetic Bag, $34 at SantokiVintage

    Pendleton wool bag hobo purse, Navajo diamond motif in black and cream, $67 at UrbanCamp

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    Seven Hooded Toggle Coats For Under $100

    When my vintage navy wool toggle coat with red lining started seriously falling apart (a hand-me-down from my mom that has been worn by many), I went on a search for a new one. Not only did I find a near replica, but I found a bunch of cool coats in various colors and silhouettes too. And they were actually quite affordable! While toggle coats are very stylish right now, they are also a timeless winter piece, and I find the hood gives them a bit of Little Red Riding Hood flare which is a bit girly and fun, not to mention functional.

    Here are seven cute hooded toggle coats for under $100 (and most for under $75!)

    ASOS Short Duffle Coat with Hood, $75 at ASOS

    Jack by BB Dakota Ta-Toggle Coat, $90 at ModCloth..also in black at Revolve Clothing & gray at Urban Oufitters

    Cooperative Toggle Coat, $89 (orig $129) at Urban Outfitters

    Forever 21 Plaid Toggle Coat with Hood, $35 at Forever 21

    Merona Hooded Wood Toggle Coat, $50 at Target

    Vera Moda Faux Sheep Skin Duffle Coat, $93 at ASOS

    Duffle Coat, $70 at Delias

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    Druzy Jewelry on Etsy

    While browsing Etsy for holiday gifts, I found a ton of gorgeous druzy jewelry. I love that each piece is unique & that the crystal colors range so much, from deep blue to ombre purple & browns to simple clean whites.

    Lilac Amethyst Stalactite Druzy 14k gold Earrings OOAK, $95 at FriedaSophie

    Oval Druzy Drop Gold Leaf Ring, $22 at CatLovesOwl

    Dainty Pink Druzy Studs in Recycled 14k Gold, $200 at Christine Mighion

    Druzy Teardrop Stacking Ring, $57 at OhKuol

    Amethyst Druzy Necklace - Purple Gemstone Necklace, $28 at JewelrybyCarmal

    Small Silver Druzy Gold Ring Size 6.5, $50 AT JenniJewel

    Blue Druzy Agate Pendant Framed Necklace, $48 at NicoleMarieJewelry

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    The Skull Trend

    I don't know if it's an ode to the late great Alexander McQueen, a spinoff of the famous Damien Hirst piece: "For the Love of God",  or just a random new trend, but I am seeing skulls everywhere (and not just for Halloween). I love how fancy and unexpectedly ladylike they've become.

    (p.s. Can you believe it's November and still 70 degrees outside?!)

    Lauren Moshi Butterfly Skull Milly Oversized Dress, $121 at Revolve Clothing

    D.L. & Co. Large Brass Skull, $195 at Barneys

    Alexander McQueen Agugliato Shawl, $445 at FarFetch

    Poncho Sangria, $430 at Zadig & Voltaire

    Muriel Brandolini Skull Beaded Throw Pillow, $1395 at Barneys

    Wildfox Love Skull Sweater Dress in Bubblegum, $225 at The Trend Boutique

    Ileana Makri Skull 18-Karat Rose Gold & Diamond Ring, $1150 at Net-A-Porter

    360 Sweater Skull Blanket, $368 at Forward by Revolve

    Wildfox Love Bones Baggy Beach Jumper, $112 at The Trend Boutique


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    Happy Halloween

    This past week has been nuts...I can't wait for the weekend, for my sister's visit & for some fun costumes and people watching. I'm going to be Nico (from Velvet Underground) for the dead rockstar party on Saturday and a leopard family with Violet on Monday. Can't wait to see her dressed up.

    Happy Weekend everyone!

    Vintage Leopard Dress, $228 at Free People.
    YSL Tribute Lace-Up Booties, $919 at MyTheresa.
    Leopard Tights, $15 at Gap.

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    Sheer Maxi Skirts for Under $100

    One trend that I saw all over New York but have yet to see in San Francisco is the sheer maxi skirt trend. The first girl I saw was wearing a burgundy button down paired with a slim sheer black maxi skirt and small black shorts underneath. I instantly wanted to copy her!

    Alloy Evelynne Sheer Maxi Skirt, $27 at Alloy

    Topshop Embellished Hem Sheer Midi Skirt, $76 at Topshop

    Bobeau Chiffon Overlay Skirt, $68 at Nordstrom

    Gianni Bini "Crystal" Maxi Skirt, $53 (orig $88) at Dillards

    Need Supply Co. Sahara Skirt, $48 at Need Supply Co.

    MINKPINK Nothing to Hide Maxi Skirt, $83 at Revolve Clothing


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    Vintage Fall/Winter Boots on Etsy

    Etsy is a goldmine for vintage boots and right now there are a ton of great knee high pairs for fall/winter...stacked heels, riding boots, suede...for $100 you could find one, two or even three pairs! Love it.

    vintage italian designer amalfi suede gold chain boots in box, $84 at shotgunvintage

    1960s boots / vintage 60s / cement gray leather boots, $64 at pineandivory

    Vintage Hunt Club Black Leather Riding Boots / 6 1/2, $75.50 at LexisFinds

    Brown Leather 1970s Boots, $36 at ParkroseVintage

    Vintage Leather Boots size 5 1/2, $27 at LookatthisHoney

    size 8.5 burgundy Italian leather boots, $89 ay myfavoritevintage

    Brown Riding Boots with Braided Buckle Strap by Flings. Women's 10, $56 at rabbitboxer

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    Nail Trends

    This weekend one of my (three) sisters is coming to stay. She's a hairstylist and is great at doing nails and always does something fun with hers, so I enjoy being girly and sharing nail trends I see with her. So as an ode to Khrista, I put together some photos of rad nails, from ombre to geometric shapes.

    MOM TIP: Use 3Free nail polishes; they're nontoxic, which is especially important if you're doing your nails around your kids and/or have a baby who likes to suck on your fingers! (Zoya, Sally Hansen & Butter London are good options.)

    Black & gold glitter ombre nails via Refinery29

    Shiny silver nails via Diaphanous Iridescence

    Multicolor dot nails via Design Crush

    Yellow nails via See Saw

    Triangle nails via Fuck Yeah Nail Art!

    Jewel tone French tips via 3.bp

    Silver French manicure via Chloe's Nails

    Gold glitter nails via A Cup of Jo

    Newspaper nails via Passion Nails (with a DIY!)

    Chanel ombre nails via Sunkissed Dreams

    Black on black French manicure via 28.Media

    Black & cream triangle nails via Refinery29

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    Rihanna: We Found Love...And Drugs

    Have you seen Rihanna's new video for We Found Love? What do think of it? I kind of love it. It's one of the few contemporary mainstream music videos I can sit through and actually enjoy. I love the 80s decor, the raving, the drug-realism; it's MTV meets Trainspotting thanks to director Melina Matsoukas.

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    The Navajo Trend & Urban Outfitters

    The Navajo trend has become so main stream and mass marketed that it is starting to gain a backlash. Though I feel that the current obsession with it is a real excitement and love for the cultural patterns, there are also those companies who exploit stereotypes and make cheap ripoffs of beautiful and historically important work. I can certainly understand how people can take offense to "Navajo flasks" and "Navajo panties", as is the case for Urban Outfitters who are again under fire for their products.

    That said, Navajo people aren't the only ones whose ethnic art is used for fiscal gain. Every few years there is a new country, a new theme, a new people whose cultural art inspires the modern marketplace. If you look at fashion alone, every season there are new themes inspired from different regions, like batik, ikat, embroidery, mirrors, jacquard, dragons...I could go on. We are pulling from the world around us and we all copy from each other every single day. I think we just need to be sensitive to the history & use themes appropriately.


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    Halloween on Etsy

    Halloween is in less than two weeks! Do you have plans? What are you dressing up as?

    Having grown up in England without a Halloween, my husband Nick sort of hates the holiday, but now that we have Violet he's ready to start participating again. I'm not entirely certain what our plans are yet, but I think it includes a dead rockstar costume party & then dressing up as different jungle animals (with Violet as a cheetah).

    Searching on Etsy for Halloween gear is funny; a definite reminder of why there is a site called Regretsy. But in between the horrifying display of handcrafts, there are a few gems. Here are some of my faves...

    Happy Halloween Costume Party Invites, $15 at LukeCommaSara

    Halloween Ghost Brothers Cupcake Toppers in Edible Fondant, $28 at MimiCafeUnion

    Halloween Spider Web Bowl, $18 at CatherineReece

    Baby Sushi Costume, $40 at TheWishingElephant

    Halloween Cupcake Toppers: Witch's Brew, $11.25 at KiwiTinCreations

    Halloween Stamped Drawstring Bags, $11 at BrownOut

    Mice Silhouettes, $6 at CottonRidgeEmporium

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    The Navajo Trend: Part Two

    Last August I wrote about the micro Navajo trend, now I'm writing about the macro Navajo trend. From capes to skirts to jewelry, from low end to designer, it's a trend that is everywhere now.

    Two of my favorite iterations come from Isabel Marant & Pendelton's Portland Collection & collection for Opening Ceremony. While Isabel Marant's pieces are soft, in light fabrics and colors & more inspired by Navajo prints, Pendleton uses heavy fabrics, a decidedly wintery palette and pulls directly from Navajo art. (I'm a little crazy about their black and white luggage bag.) Other labels that are embracing this trend are Rebecca Minkoff, LAMB, Mara Hoffman, Pamela Love, Sandro & Ralph Lauren, to name a few.

    There is definitely a broad spectrum to how this trend can be worn, which means it's an easy one to incorporate into your wardrobe!

    Pendleton: The Portland Collection Cape in Black/Tan Harding, $316 at Need Supply Co

    Pendleton for Opening Ceremony Riding Shorts, $326 at Shopbop

    Pendleton, The Portland Collection Luggage Bag, $396 at Shopbop

    Pamela Love Navajo-inspired Cutout Brass Cuff, $625 at Net-A-Porter

    LAMB Runway Navajo Bird Print Sweater, $250 at Revolve Clothing

    LAMB Handbag Navajo Colville Satchel, $298 at Macy's

    Wildfox Night Lover Baggy Beach Jumper in Opium Blue, $112 at The Trend Boutique

    Warehouse Navajo Cardigan, $96 at ASOS

    Mara Hoffman Red Arrows Maxi Skirt, $334 at Les Nouvelles

    Rebecca Minkoff Navajo Hobo, $182 (orig $425) at Amazon

    Sandro Grey Wool-Blend Sweater, $205 at Stylebop

    Isabel Marant Jia Printed Silk-Georgette Mini Skirt, $560 at Net-A-Porter

    Nicholas K Glee Shirt, $239 at Farfetch

    Navajo Print Button-Back Top, $35 at Delia's

    Pendleton: The Portland Collection Canyon de Chelly Scarf, $98 at Anthropologie

    Vera Moda Navajo Pattern Long Sleeve Dress, $44 at ASOS

    Ralph Lauren Collection Printed Cashmere Blanket Scarf, $995 at Net-A-Porter

    Bark Long Navajo Coat, $715 at Farfetch

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    Kate Quinn Organic Baby Clothes

    A great source for organic baby clothes is Kate Quinn Organics. Not only are their pieces high quality, earth friendly and super soft, but the textiles are beautiful. Some of my favorite items of Vi's are from them because they are so cozy, practical and lovely!

    Three stores in the city that sell their baby clothes are Natural Resources & Speesees in the Mission (a block away from each other on Valencia), and Mabuhay Kids in Noe Valley. They also sell clothes for older kids as well as bath & bedding pieces. I recommend their two piece pajama sets-they are insanely soft and will fit for longer than onesies-and make great gifts!

    (TIP: Though prices are a bit steep for baby clothes, their online store often has great sales.)


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    Festival Time in San Francisco

    There are a ton of street fairs & festivals going on this weekend, and the weather couldn't be better for them. Whereas last year it was muddy, overcast and wet at the Treasure Island Music Festival, this year it's going to be hot and sunny. There are some great bands playing this year and I really wish I could be there especially to see Cut Copy.

    Today is also the 29th Annual Jazz Festival, the third annual Taste of Fillmore, the Potrero Hill Festival and the Winery event! And tomorrow there are even more festivals; the Inner Sunset Street Fair, the Fiesta On the Hill in Bernal Heights and the ninth annual Portola Festival. I think I will make it to one!

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    Hot October: Missoni Skirt

    To me fashion is an art form, an expression, a three dimensional art piece, and so I completely understand that certain pieces can be seen as collectibles, pieces of art to save and cherish. Case in point-I'm not even a big Missoni fan but this skirt is gorgeous, timeless, elegant, and definitely a collectible piece. All that said, I would never spend $2400 on a skirt, but I'm going to take inspiration from it for my weekend Indian Summer I can't believe it's 80 degrees in October outfit...

    Missoni Saba Crochet-knit Maxi Skirt, $2415 at Net-A-Porter.
    Old Navy Jersey-Stretch Tank, $8 at Old Navy.
    Frye Tamara Woven Slide, $94 (orig $228) at Revolve Clothing.
    Elephant Heart White Branch Necklace, $110 at Max & Chloe.
    Gretchen Jones for Piperlime The Alchemist Earrings, $78 at Piperlime.
    Butter London 3F Polish in Lady Muck, $14 at Zappos.

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    Seven Great Fall Sweaters For $50 & Under

    I know, I know, it does not feel like sweater weather at all. The weather report says it's going to be 81 today! In San Francisco! But we all know that it's going to get cold and probably overnight. After all, when is it ever warm on Halloween?

    With that said, here are some great options for fall/winter sweaters for $50 and under. I got this first gray one from Gap and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it drapes. It's a great weight too-not too thick and bulky, but also warm-and it's a bit sexy with the pointelle cutouts.

    Gap Pointelle Scoop-Neck Sweater, $42 (orig $60) at Gap (Use Promo GAPLINE for 30% off today!)

    Need Supply Co. Marled Sweater, $48 at Need Supply Co.

    Loft Lurex Striped Draped Sweater, $30 (orig $70) at Loft

    Trouvé Open Stitch Sweater, $50 (orig $78) at Nordstrom

    VS Crochet Off the Shoulder Sweater, $40 at Victoria's Secret

    BDG Classic Stripe Cardigan, $39 at Urban Outfitters

    One A Crochet Poncho Sweater, $50 (orig $68) at Lord & Taylor

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    Friendship Bracelets on Etsy

    Any child of the '80s remembers making and wearing friendship bracelets. I know it was a mad obsession of mine as I got really into going to yarn stores, learning new weaving techniques, decorating everything from wrists to shoes. But what's so cool about modern versions is the hardware, the use of decorative pieces like rhinestones and pyramids, the new weaving techniques. I'd like to know who rekindled this trend. I heart them.

    To learn how to make your own friendship bracelet, check out Honestly WTF's DIY lesson here.

    (p.s. I threw in a friendship ring by My Little Fish Eye Shop too-so rad!)

    Tribal Pink Friendship Bracelet, $36 at Scoutandcatalogue

    Harvest Moon Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet, $48 at Savi

    Popsicle Series Bfrend Bracelet, $35 at Doctor's Closet

    Fusion Gold, blue & white Nautical Braided Bracelet, $22 at ByMargaret

    Spike Friendship Ring, $18 at MyLittleFishEyeShop

    Brass Studded Friendship Bracelet, $42 at AnaOsGoodJewelry

    Pair of Leather and Chain Braided Friendship Bracelets, $25 at TINNLILY

    Woven Chain Friendship Bracelet, $10.50 at AmberIke

    Vintage Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet - Bohemian Sparkle, $85 at PureEssentia

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    Lana del Rey (aka Lizzy Grant)

    There's quite a bit of hype about Lana del Rey aka Lizzy Grant, with sites like Hipster Runoff revealing that she was a "failed mainstream artist" before getting rebranded for the indie scene. Looking back on her interview with the Huffington Post from a couple years ago as well as her video for her single Kill Kill, I don't see that much of a difference between Lizzy & Lana. Aside from the lips, that is. Looks and rebranding aside, her voice is pretty remarkable, her lyrics self-written and her music videos mysterious DIY style pieces. Check out her videos for Video Games and Blue Jeans (including the live version), from her single out October 16th:

    Video Games:

    Blue Jeans:

    Blue Jeans (live):

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    The Animal Print Trend: Panthers & Horses & Elephants, Oh My!

    One step beyond animal prints is actual prints of animals. Three prints I'm seeing a lot of are of panthers, elephants and horses. Marc by Marc Jacobs has a whole line called Panthera with dresses, shorts, tops and accessories panthered out. On the more budget-friendly end are horse printed dresses and tops by ASOS, which even come in maternity sizes. An animal print lover myself, I hope this trend continues to grow and we see even more cool animal prints emerge.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Panthera Shift Dress, $315 at MyTheresa

    Jo No Fui Horse Print Blouse, $579 at FarFetch

    BCBG A-Line Shirred Elephant Print Tank, $42 (orig $88) at Bloomingdales

    Charlotte Taylor Creature Scarf, $258 at Anthropologie

    Virginie Castaway Shirt in Horse Print, $280 at ASOS

    We Are Owls Elephants Scarf, $260 at Shopbop

    ASOS Maternity Dress in Galloping Horse Print, $70 at ASOS

    Agent Provocateur Romona Swimsuit, $390 at Agent Provocateur

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    Zadig & Voltaire: A New Obsession

    The other day I discovered the Zadig & Voltaire shop at Bloomingdales and instantly fell in lust. I'm a sucker for gray & black, cozy sweaters, elbow patches (in gold leather & sequins!), leather detailing, typography & skulls à la Alexander McQueen, so their fall and winter collections charmed the socks off me.

    One of the guys working there explained to me that Erin Wasson was the designer's muse and that the French line was named after the designer's favorite author & book (as in Zadig by Voltaire). As one of my favorite books is the satire Candide by Voltaire, this won me over even more.

    Along with women's clothing & accessories, Zadig & Voltaire designs men's & children's clothing. And although the price point is very high for fast-growing kids, I can't help but want one of their cashmere pieces for Violet. C'est très joli, non?

    For the ladies...

    For the babies...

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    Wear Later: Favorites From Band Of Outsiders Spring 2012 RTW

    Band Of Outsiders is becoming one of my favorite labels. I love how diverse their collections are, while remaining cohesive with pieces that you could easily mix & match, like the army-style jacket with the striped pencil skirt. I also adore their ombre crochet and floral prints, some of which remind me of Alexander Wang's spring collection.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Chevron Stripes On Etsy

    I am loving all the cool chevron products coming out. First pillows & rugs, now bags, iPhone cases, dishware & more. There's something really fun yet classic about the print!

    Chevron Leather Foldover Clutch-Upcycled, $38 at HandmadeLifeHawaii

    Leather Chevron iPhone Case, $50 at ToviCorrie

    Chevron Jotter Journal, $5.75 at WitandWhistle

    Coral Buckley Chevron Mug, $80 at JillRosenWald

    Greenage Chevron Hobo Bag (Water Resistant), $59 at MadebyNanna

    Wide Chevron Stripe Lucite Tray, $80 at TillyMaison

    Multicolored Chevron iPhone Case, $55 at PlumStreetPrints

    Yellow Chevron Drum Lampshade Cover, $12 at Skoope

    Black/Denton Chevron Medium Dog Bed, $45 at DCrow

    Chevron Vinyl Wall Decals, $15 at Holly

    Chevron Italian Coasters, $30 at MeadowTea

    Chevron Personalized Calling Business Card, $12.50 at EmileeRoseCustom

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    The Red Suede Platform Trend

    The other day I was walking down the street with a friend when I saw this petite girl walking in an all black outfit and some very tall red wedge platforms. It was unexpected, fun and super stylish.

    Platforms are everywhere right now, with insanely tall and sparkly versions from designers like Christian Louboutin and Mui Mui. And there is something especially cool about the red suede ones...

    Charlotte Olympia Cat-Face Ankle Strap Wedge, $895 at Neiman Marcus

    Faryl Robin for FP Archduchess Platform, $148 at Free People

    Dolce Vita Jade Wedge Sandal, $120 (orig $180) at Endless

    Podium Cross Over Platforms, $200 at Topshop

    LAMB Nomad Platform Pumps, $245 at Shopbop

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    Wear Later: Favorites From Alice + Olivia Spring 2012 RTW

    Alice + Olivia's spring collection was showcased in a garden party setting, which was perfect for the light, drapey fabrics and bold florals. Though the entire collection didn't feel cohesive to me, I think they have some terrific different pieces for spring.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    For the Love of Letterpress: A Video By Naomie Ross

    Here's one for all my design geek friends-a lovely instructional video about letterpress.

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    Fortune Cookie Baby Booties On Etsy

    How great are these booties?! They would make a fun & unique baby shower gift, especially as you can personalize them with your own fortune or message. The company, SushiBooties, also makes booties that look like pieces of sushi (hence the name) and these fortune cookie ones were on Martha Stewart. Pretty adorable.

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    The Color Blocking Trend

    Color blocking is an ongoing trend and therefore one that you can get great mileage out of. And since it's a trend that's already been around, there are a number of stores like the Outnet and ASOS selling cool designer color blocked pieces for great prices. I love this Jardin des Orangers gray color blocked sweater dress; it's perfect for San Francisco weather and can easily be paired with boots and tights when it gets colder.

    Jardin des Orangers, $195 (orig $390) at My Theresa

    Joseph Van Block-Color Crepe Dress, $545 at Net-A-Porter

    Jonathan Saunders Lunain Block-Color Jersey Dress, $150 (orig $375) at The Outnet

    Jay Godfrey Summers Color Block Dress, $425 at Revolve Clothing...pair with tights and a blazer for fall.

    Fendi Shift Dress with Color Block, $1365 at My Theresa

    Karen Millen Color Blocked Knitted Dress, $137 (orig $229) at ASOS


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    Wear Later: Favorites From Alexander Wang Spring 2012 RTW

    Alexander Wang's spring collection is a real departure from fall, with pieces that take me back to the 80s, The Fifth Element and Norma Kamali while incorporating elements from athletic wear and Navajo prints.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Indian Summer

    It's the first day of autumn and yet it finally feels like summer in San Francisco. (Slowly we'll catch up.) I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend filled with very little to do aside from lounging around in the sun and maybe taking a hike in Marin. There are few places as beautiful as Muir Woods in the sunshine.

    Rag & Bone Barnet Short, $128 (orig $255) at Rag & Bone.
    Brahmin Mojito Crossbody Bag, $195 at Brahim.
    Rebel Yell Ciao Skinny V-Neck Tee, $69 at The Trend Boutique.
    Butik Long Snake Necklace, $75 at Singer22.
    Hat Attack Bead Trim Raffia Fedora, $29 (orig $98) at Intermix.
    Toms Routh Burlap Slip-Ons, $95 at Bergdorf Goodman.

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    Six Cool Loafer Slip-Ons For Under $100

    What do you think of flat loafer slip-ons? I think they're great for fall, for heavy walkers, for moms who need to stay balanced as they carry their infant and car seat up steep San Francisco steps...

    I like the idea of wearing skinny pants and a button up or tie blouse with them, and maybe even a vest. The Pierre tapestry loafers from Free People are my favorite as they are a little unexpected and vintage looking.

    Pierre Slip On, $70 at Free People

    Aldo Killion Loafers, $60 at Zappos

    Steven by Steve Madden "Madee" Loafers, $80 at Dillard's

    Charles Philip "Lizette" Striped Loafers, $98 at Bloomingdales

    DV Dolce Vita "Marcela" Tassel Loafers, $69 at Bloomingdales

    Wanted Carlton Leopard Slip On Loafers, $50 at Endless

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    Bark Decor On Etsy

    Found this beautiful shop called Bark Decor today. Based in Boston, Bark Decor is owned & designed by a fellow non-h Sara who clearly has a knack for taking Native American themes and modernizing them via gorgeous screen printed pieces. I already have five of her pieces on my wishlist and I can think of three boys in my life her tees would be perfect for.

    Follow her on Facebook here and click on an image to be taken to her shop.

    Wolf Totem Tri-Blend Tank, $26

    Going Hunting Circle Scarf, $41

    Reverie Men's Tee, $23

    Set of 3 Alphabet Prints: French Flare (as seen on ABC's Better With You), $45

    Ghost Banjo Screen Printed Flour Sack Towel, $12

    Going Hunting Red & Cornstalk Screen Printed Pillow, $34


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    Breathtaking Wedding: Rustic Vintage in Pasadena

    In May my good friends Leah & Andy got married at Descanso Gardens in Pasadena. I was hugely pregnant at the time and therefore couldn't make the trip. Fortunately I got to be a part of it by designing their save the dates for them, but I so wish I hadn't missed the big day, which was recently featured on Pretty Little Weddings.

    Jagger Photography did an amazing job of capturing everything. I am insanely impressed with Leah, who was the real imagination and creator behind everything. As the pictures tell, this girl's got amazing style! (One thing the pictures don't capture is that Leah & Andy performed a folk song to all of their guests!)

    (All images by Jagger Photography.)

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    One Step Forward, An Amazing Short Film

    I fell in love with this video the first time I saw it. It's adventurous and romantic, silly and inspiring, not to mention beautifully created.

    One Step Forward by Ben Crowell via Vimeo.

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    Wear Later: Favorites From J. Crew Spring 2012 RTW

    Do you remember J.Crew in the 90s? They were so preppy you could have called some of their pieces golf basics. Nowadays though the gorgeous and bold colors, prints and detailing really make them stand out as a chic affordable brand. I love their use of accessories to step up their spring collection a notch, their mixing of stripes and polka dots and their tropical-infused color story.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Laura Lee Jewellery

    Four years ago I was in London with my husband's family when my husband's stepmother brought me into the beautiful Covent Garden jewelry store of Laura Lee. Unbeknownst to me, what I thought was a casual visit to one of her favorite shops was actually a covert operation to introduce me to the jeweler who would be designing my engagement ring. Lucky for me, Laura Lee is an incredible designer and charming person, who discreetly sized my ring finger and got a sense of my style while we drank champagne and tried on tons of glorious pieces.

    If you're ever in London, a visit to her shop is a must as it is stocked full of some of the most fabulous handcrafted jewelry you can imagine plus a great collection of charm necklaces (LL was one of the first to design them), cameo pieces and signet rings. But in the mean time, check out her online store and lookbook which-I might add-show only a glimmer of her work but are still quite lovely.

    Wish Upon A Star Ring, £140

    Whippet Cameo Necklace, £275

    Honey Tourmaline Ring, £2200

    Coin Earrings, £150

    Number Necklace, £110

    Horse Cameo Ring, £475

    (All images from Laura Lee Jewellery.)

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    Stella McCartney's Sweater Dress

    Stella McCartney is one of those designers I swoon over. Her pieces are always on trend, but also somehow classic at the same time. Take this sweater dress; it incorporates the sweater dress trend, the triangle trend, the color block trend and uses on-trend colors for fall, yet it doesn't look overtly trendy but rather simple, timeless and chic. Love!

    Stella McCartney Shapes Wool & Alpaca-Blend Sweater Dress, $935 at Net-A-Porter.
    Mulberry Oak Bayswater Bagm $1050 at
    Gomax Oksana Pump, $50 at Endless.
    House of Harlow 1960 Antler Button Stud Earrings, $70 at Shopbop.
    NARS Nail Polish in Zulu, $17.
    ASOS Tan Leather Watch, $55 at ASOS.

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    Wear Later: Cynthia Rowley Spring 2012 RTW

    Considering how romantic and fresh Cynthia Rowley's resort line was, I was a bit surprised by her dark and more structured spring collection. Still, I enjoy her use of geometric shapes with florals, criss-crossed knits, hints of sparkle, blend of black and gold and especially her die cut dress design.

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    Obsessed With...Cynthia Rowley Resort 2012 Womenswear

    When I first saw Cynthia Rowley's resort collection my first thought was "I want everything!" and my second thought was "I wish I had a higher paying job". There is so much to love with this collection...dramatic bows, forgiving silhouettes (hello new moms), gorgeous draping, intensely beautiful prints, classic colors and incredible fabrication...

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    Wear Now: Favorites From Cynthia Rowley Fall 2011 RTW

    Love the use of  yellow, the color blocking, the squared pockets and the burnout velvet!

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs

    Check out this rather dark electronic cover of Arcade Fire's The Suburbs by Mr. Little Jeans:

    Mr. Little Jeans - The Suburbs (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

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    Wear Later: Favorites From Adam Spring 2012 RTW

    It's interesting to compare fall and spring collections. When I first saw Adam's fall collection I was excited for colder weather; thrilled for knits, plaids and layering. But when I look at their spring collection I want to fast forward and wear these pretty florals, polka dots and military jackets now! And so thrives the fashion industry-always having us crave something new and giving us glimpses into the future when we haven't even experienced the near-present yet.

    (Images via NYMag.)

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    2 & 3 Finger Rings On Etsy

    I'm a total fan of multi-finger rings, especially when they are delicate & simple like this first ring by Colleen Baran, but I think I use my hands too much to make them work. Have you tried one?

    Simple Circle Two Finger Ring, $49 at ColleenBaran

    Sterling Silver & Gold Two Finger Ring, $75 at ForkWhisperer

    First Crush Ring No. 2; Geometric Brass Knuckle Ring, $150 at MelanieFavreau

    Rose Gold Plated 3 Finger Pyramid Stud Ring, $147 at AMictian

    Brushed Double Finger Ring with Cubic Zirconia, $60 at StarsForSydell

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    The Heeled Loafer Trend

    I've never been fond of heeled loafers until I saw the new fall collections. There are styles for everyone, ranging from edgy to preppy to vintage. I love how DVF used a big stacked heel, how Vera Wang took a classic men's loafer design and made it chic and sexy, and how brands like Anthropologie are taking the style even further with laser cut prints. How do you feel about loafers?

    Diane von Furstenberg Rhiannon Loafer Pump, $295 at Neiman Marcus

    L'Atre Chose Smoke Suede Platform Pumps, $350 at Stylebop

    Vera Wang Talli Crocodile-Embossed Heeled Loafer, $395 at Neiman Marcus

    J. Crew Biella Satin High-Heel Loafers, $295 at J. Crew

    Botanist Heeled Loafers, $178 at Anthropologie

    Jean-Michel Cazabat Lidia Suede High Heel Loafers, $295 at Shopbop

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    Leopard Spots At the Office

    Oasis Leopard Dress, $110 at ASOS.
    Rag & Bone 42nd Street Blazer, $495 at Rag & Bone.
    ASOS Premium Mixed Metal Boyfriend Watch, $73 at ASOS.
    Rebecca Minkoff Croc Covet, $425 at Rebecca Minkoff.
    McQ Alexander McQueen Up Front High Heel Pumps, $370 at Shopbop.
    Sequin Textured Status Link Necklace, $44 at Nordstrom.

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    Big Sur, Fleet Foxes & Motor Lodges

    This weekend Nick, Violet and I are headed to Big Sur to see Fleet Foxes play at the Henry Miller Library. The last time we were in Big Sur was for our "minimoon"(a short honeymoon we took right after our wedding). It's such an amazing place. Very serene and breathtakingly beautiful. I'm looking forward to hiking, taking Vi to her first concert, reading a book outside and staying at Glen Oaks in a supped up adobe motor lodge.

    Knitted Cream Stripe Jumper, $72 at Topshop.
    J Brand Cut-Off Rigid-Denim Shorts, $165 at Net-A-Porter.
    Small Bangle Watch with Hearts Dial, $125 at Betsy Johnson.
    Kate Spade Hang In There Glasses Pendant, $148 at Kate Spade.
    Linda Farrow Luxe Square-Frame Acetate Optical Glasses, $500 at Net-A-Porter.
    Bensimon Tennis Lacet Gris Moyen, $55 at Bensimon USA.

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    ZARA Is Open!

    I can't tell you how excited I am that Zara has finally opened their online store to the US. Makes shopping as a new mom so much easier!


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    Baby Leg Warmers on Etsy

    I just ordered a few pairs of leg warmers for Violet, which are really easy when you want something warm to pair with dresses and tees, to protect little crawling legs or to make diaper changes easier. I found some really fun pairs on Etsy (as well as some crazy ones) and now I want a pair.

    Crawler Covers, 3 for $21 at FateGoddess

    Love Baby Leg Warmers, $6.50 at FirstCrushDesigns

    Kool Kid Onesie and Leg Warmer Combo, $26 at MamaRunsWithScissors

    Black & Orange Striped Baby Leg Warmers, $10 at BriannaBeansBoutique

    Black & White Star Baby Leg Warmers, $7 at CutieBootieBoutique

    Purple Grey Argyle Leg Warmers, $8 at BunnyLouAnn

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    Marais Shoes: 40% Off!

    If you're a fan of Marais shoes like I am, check out their shop now and score any of their shoes for 40% off! Just use the promo "happysummer" at checkout.

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    Weekend Style: Labor Day & Purple Passion

    With just three weeks left, summer has finally hit San Francisco and the weather is sunny and warm for more than twenty minutes stretches. Perfect timing for a long weekend & Nick and my two year anniversary...and huge shop sales!

    One thing I'm coveting is this purple dress by J. Crew. Upon hearing that my daughter's name is Violet, my friend told me that there are many people, including herself, that are obsessed with purple; that purple lovers are a tribe more committed than lovers of other colors. Then I started noticing what she meant and seeing "purple passion" everywhere...I couldn't believe how many purple houses and purple tights there are in SF. Have you ever noticed this?

    J. Crew Maisie Dress in Abstract Floral, $178 at J. Crew.
    Kara Ross Necia Chain Shoulder Bag, $2580 at Neiman Marcus.
    ASOS Square Shank Detail Ring with Veined Sphere, $15 at ASOS.
    Lee Angel Safina Colorblock Necklace, $375 at Endless.
    Butter London 3 Free Nail Polish in Scoundrel, $14 at Zappos.

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    Weekend Style: Rebecca Minkoff & Alexis Bittar

    Two designers I adore are Rebecca Minkoff and Alexis Bittar. And while Rebecca Minkoff has branched off into clothing, Alexis Bittar is making finer and finer jewelry. Every season their collections have some of the most covetable pieces, case in point is Alexis Bittar's black and gold collection which is fresh, modern and wearable with just about anything.

    Topshop Woven Front Tee, $36 at Topshop.
    Rebecca Minkoff Hali Cut-Out Shorts, $228 at Rebecca Minkoff.
    Marc Jacobs Beige Leather 'Paradise Rio' Satchel, $876 at Bluefly.
    Alexis Bittar Black & Gold Small Horm Ripple Hinge Bangle, $215 at Stylebop.
    J Crew Jemaa Ballerina Flats, $150 at Net-A-Porter.
    Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Wavy Link Necklace, $241 at Saks.

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    Seven Peplum Tops For Under $100

    Peplum tops paired with slim pants or skirts are a fun deviation from the norm, and here are seven options that won't break the bank.

    Juicy Couture Linen Tank, $42 at SSense

    Oasis Geranium Print Corset Top, $28 at ASOS

    J Crew Silk Chiffon Peplum Blouse, $98 at Net-A-Porter

    Frannie Camisole, $78 at Anthropologie

    A|Wear Crochet Detail Top, $26 at ASOS

    Rugby Bernice Seersucker Peplum Top, $30 at Rugby Ralph Lauren

    ASOS Premium Off Shoulder Embroidered Top, $28 at ASOS

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    Put A Kangaroo On It: Etsy

    What's great about Etsy is that you can fulfill just about any kitschy desire, from mug covers to homemade soaps to sticking your favorite animal on anything. I think the kangaroo is moving up and could just replace the bird, so put a kangaroo on it!

    Talking Kangaroo G'Day Greeting Card, $4.50 at PocketCarnival

    Youth Kangaroo T Shirt with Vintage Graphic, $12 at CritterJitters

    The Kangaroo & The Koala Limited Ed Print, $16 at iotaillustration

    Kangaroo Scooter T Shirt, $21 at GearHeadArmy

    Kangaroo Pillow Transfer, $1 at AlteredArtichoke

    Kangaroo Shower Curtain, $49 at EternalArt

    Kangaroo Butcher Chart, $13 at TheWordShop

    Kangaroo Vinyl Wall Decal, $16 at DecalHappy

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    The Bright Pants Trend

    To be frank, I've never really liked bright pants. I think they look good on other people, but they have always been a bit too-for lack of a better word-bright of a statement for me. But this season's iterations are winning me over and making me reconsider my stance. When contrasted with other brights, they evoke friendly feelings of summertime and the tropics. When paired with neutrals or tints of the same color, they are cheerful and modern (and can work for fall!)

    J Brand Mid-Rise Skinny Twill Pants, $176 at Bloomingdales (J Brand makes an awesome variety of "it" colors)

    Joseph Kong Straight-Leg Stretch Crepe Pants, $395 at Net-A-Porter

    J Crew Maddie Linen & Cotton-blend Wide Leg Pants, $170 at Net-A-Porter

    Fornarina Casual Pants, $30 at YOOX

    Love Moschino Casual Pants, $49 at YOOX

    Melting Pot Casual Pants, $45 at YOOX

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    10 Signs You're A New Mom

    Yesterday Violet turned eight weeks old, and looking back at the last two months I realize I've learned a lot about her but also about myself. Pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood pushes your body and mind in ways you never knew possible. I never knew how much pain I could endure, how little sleep I could survive on and how a beautiful little smile could make it all worth it.

    With that said, here are Ten Signs You're A New Mom:

    1. All you talk about is breastfeeding.

    (Breastfeeding is hard! A great resource for pregnancy and breastfeeding questions and support is the Pregtastic podcast on iTunes.)

    2. You forget what you're talking about mid-sentence.

    3. Everything you wear is easily removable, pull-downable and cleanable.

    4. You have no idea what abs are or where they should be anymore.

    5. You can't remember when you last showered/ate/went to the bathroom.

    6. You find yourself feeling stranded on the sofa, as if on an island, when you need something mid-feed.

    7. You bombard social media sites with images of your baby.

    8. You jump to your sleeping baby every time you hear a funny noise.

    9. You send most of your emails between the hours of 2-5am.

    10. You obsess about how long your baby is sleeping and pray that they sleep longer soon.

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    Giveaway: Win A 18" x 24" Poster

    When I was in art school, I designed this Free Tibet poster to recognize the fifty years of occupation and executions of Tibetans that consistently take place by the hands of the Chinese government. This message meant a lot to me. Do you have a message that means a lot to you or something exciting you'd like to print?

    UPrinting is giving one lucky reader of The Fog Line a FREE 18" x 24" poster! Just leave a comment about what message you would like to print by August 31st, 2011 at 11:59pm PST and you will be entered into the random drawing. To receive a second entry, like UPrinting on Facebook and leave a second comment letting me know you've done so.

    The winner will receive one (1) 18" x 24" poster, semi gloss or high gloss with a 1 business day turnaround time. This giveaway is limited to US residents 18 years old and above only. To learn more about UPrinting, check out their posters, templates and sizes. Spread Your Message!

    Disclaimer: Required as per FTC Ruling. This giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given and I will receive a poster for hosting. Check out[1] to see more of their poster[2], poster sizes[3] and poster templates[4].

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    Move • Eat • Learn

    Absolutely loving these films by Rick Mereki on Vimeo. As he describes it:

    "3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38 thousand miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and almost a terabyte of footage... all to turn 3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food ....into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films.....

    = a trip of a lifetime.

    move, eat, learn"

    MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

    EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

    LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

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    Weekend Style: Nude Heels

    One color scheme I love for summer is nude and turquoise. The duo is very cheerful and sweet, while also playful. So I was thrilled this week when I found two great pieces on super sale at The Outnet and Shopbop...Pour La Victoire Ajax Heels and turquoise Adam shorts (both at over 70% off!). Can't wait for them to come in the mail!

    Pour La Victoire Ajax Pump, $175 at Shoebox.
    Tibi Pleat Front Silk Shorts, $200 at Net-A-Porter.
    Alexis Bittar Spring Green & Gold Tapered Bangle, $175 at Stylebop.
    Warehouse Charm Print Blouse, $78 at ASOS.

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    Current Obsession: BHLDN Jewelry

    The jewelry on BHLDN gets more gorgeous every time I check it out. I am in love with how romantic and eclectic their vintage-inspired pieces are and how they are mixing crochet with gold. I especially like the Paris In the Springtime necklace, which is the perfect statement piece that would look amazing with a simple white button down.

    Paris In The Springtime Necklace, $550

    On Gossamer Wing Posts

    Couplet Band "Loved", $446

    Medici Earrings, $150

    Hinted Phlox Necklace, $245

    Spiked Gem Posts, $126

    Sinuous Silk Bracelet, $290

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    A couple years ago my sister turned me on to this incredible Brown Sugar & Vanilla Sugar Soufflé body scrub by LaLicious. She just sent me a new batch and every time I use it I think to myself that I need a lifetime supply. Not only does it smell INCREDIBLE (if you like the smell of baking sugar, that is), but it makes my skin super soft and it's made with natural ingredients like coconut oil.

    (Hint: You can buy it for less on Amazon.)

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    Check out the amazingly stylish blogger Blair Eadie (aka Bee) on her blog Atlantic-Pacific. She has impeccable taste and is somewhat of a chameleon; mixing prints, wearing retro hairstyles and scarves & layering accessories. She seems to have a lot of fun with her outfits, which makes her all the more beautiful.

    I am seriously inspired!

    (All images from Atlantic-Pacific .)

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    Weekend Style: Black & Gold

    I know it's summer, but in most parts of San Francisco it certainly doesn't feel like it or look like, which is why instead of dreaming of bright summery shades of clothing, I'm all about mixing black and gold instead.

    Vena Cava Viva Vena Harmonic Dress, $158 (orig $225) at Shopbop.
    Be & D Stamped Tenley Shoulder Bag, $279 (org $398) at Shopbop.
    Kara by Kara Ross Hexagon Black Lizard Earrings, $96 (orig $175) at CoutureCandy.
    Vintage Gold Heels, $108 at Free People.

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    Seven Crochet Pieces For Under $100

    Anna Sui RUNWAY Crochet Shorts, $339 at Revolve Clothing

    Crochet is blowing up right now, and I think Anna Sui's gorgeous crochet shorts are one of the reasons why. But since most of us don't have $400 to spend on one piece of clothing, here are seven other cool crochet pieces that won't break the bank. (You could get almost all of them for $400!)

    Vila Crochet Knit Top, $38 at ASOS

    ASOS Africa Crochet Slouch Tee, $69 at ASOS

    Lucca Couture Crochet Pant, $69 at Urban Outfitters

    Cream Sleeveless Crochet Top, $66 at Topshop

    Pins & Needles Crocheted Short, $44 at Urban Outfitters

    Engineered Crochet Tunic, $98 at Free People

    B. Vintage Dolman Top, $52 at Piperlime

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    In The Shadows on Etsy

    My good friend Lily started this incredible jewelry line called In The Shadows. Though Lily lives and works in Brooklyn, she grew up in the Bay Area and pulls from her California roots. For her premiere collection, she was inspired by Yosemite and named each handcrafted piece after a different place in Yosemite National Park, such as Ahwahnee Village and El Capitan.

    What I adore about her work is that each and every piece is unique and uses different materials, which makes for something special and timeless. The inspiration also has a special place in my heart as my parents went on their honeymoon in Yosemite and often took my older brother and I there as children. I think if I had to choose one piece I'd love the Vernals Falls necklace (isn't it amazing?!)

    Along with showcasing her pieces on her website, her accessories can be purchased at Here In The Shadows on Etsy. (Click on an image to be taken to the store.)

    High Sierra Necklace, $210

    El Capitan Necklace, $344

    Vernal Falls Necklace, $268


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    Wave Tattoo

    Love my Marin beach bum friend's wave tattoo. If I ever got a tattoo I'd want a wave too.


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    Weekend Style: Beach Bum

    This Sunday I'm hitting the beach and catching some rays (while my fair husband stays under the umbrella with Vi) and I'm hoping to catch up on some reading too. My sister has been reading Bossypants by Tina Fey and says it's hilarious. That and some sunshine (and a great big sandwich on the beach) are sure to make the weekend.

    Zimmermann Posy Ruffled Floral-Print Bandeau Bikini, $250 at Net-A-Porter.
    Melissa Odabash Briony Embroidered Cotton Kaftan, $103 (Orig $295) at The Outnet.
    Tibi Girls Tote, $30 at Tibi.
    Rag & Bone Keaton Sunglasses, $345 at Rag & Bone.
    Bright Flip Flop, $5 at Wet Seal.
    Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.

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    The Anklet Trend

    The last time I wore an anklet (or ankle bracelet) was in the 90s. I had the Indian anklet toe ring combo ones for when I was barefoot or in sandals and the thin friendship braided yarn ones to wear with my beat up Converse. Man it's been a long time!

    The new trend of anklets are much nicer than what I wore-much more modern and elegant while still maintaining a fun hippie flare. Very true to California style.

    Cleopatra Anklet & Toe Ring, $350 at Agent Provocateur

    JADEtribe Three Strand Beaded Anklet, $38 at Shopbop

    Poupette nyc Teeth Anklet, $77 at Shopbop

    Belle Noel by Kim Kardashian Studded Ankle Bracelet, $23 at Revolve Clothing

    Louise Manna Venus Anklet, $145 at Planet Blue

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    Tea Collection

    When it comes to Violet I have little willpower. I just got these lovely Tea Collection outfits on Gilt for around 40% off. San Francisco brand Tea Collection makes beautiful prints that are playful & stylish and often pull from classic ethnic designs.

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    Naomi Lingerie on Etsy

    Naomi Lingerie has a beautiful selection of lingerie, sleep masks and swimwear from a Vancouver-based Japanese designer (who I assume is named Naomi). I especially adore her silk chiffon boxers with lace trim, only they are all so beautiful I'm finding it difficult to decide which style to get. Which are your favorites?

    Kimono Style Print Eye Mask, $18

    Silky Indian Chiffon Boxer, $37

    Big Bow Cat Sleep Eye Mask, $20

    White Chiffon Sleep Boxer, $35

    Checked Taffeta Print Eye Mask, $19

    Hearts Print Cotton Bra, $40

    Gingham Cotton Gauze Sleep Boxer, $35

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    The Retro Swimwear Trend

    Last month my girlfriend went to Greece on her honeymoon and she wore this beautiful two piece retro-inspired swimsuit that was both flattering and sexy. Vintage style swimwear is definitely becoming trendy again, and they're great for moms who need a little extra fabric to hide post-baby bumps and scars but still want to look stylish and feminine.

    Tori Praver Swimwear Reversible Malia Bikini Top, $104 at Shopbop

    Norma Kamali Bill Mio Swimsuit, $350 at Nancy Meyer

    Grid Print Nylon Tricot High-Waist Swim Brief, $26 at American Apparel

    Pret-a-Surf Metro Bikini, $207 (orig $295) at Shopbop

    Marc by Marc Jacobs Folly Floral Ruffle Bandeau & Skirted Bikini, $108 at Neiman Marcus

    Shoshanna Seersucker One Piece, $132 (orig $188) at Shopbop

    Read more link text

    Summer Style: Floral Prints

    I can't begin to express how excited I am to start wearing normal clothes again! There are so many more options now, and I'm dying for a new summer dress in a cheerful print. I love this one by J. Crew because it can cover up postpartum belly and be belted later when I'm back down to my normal size.

    J. Crew Dysus Floral-Print Silk-Chiffon Dress, $350 at Net-A-Porter.
    Frye "Maya" Slingback Pumps, $168 at Bloomingdales.
    Givenchy Pandora Medium Shoulder Bag, $1660 at Bergdorf Goodman.
    Gorjana Rope Three Ring Necklace, $74 at Revolve Clothing.
    Kate Spade Year of Color June Ring, $78 at Kate Spade.

    Read more link text

    Whole Foods Parking Lot

    Need a laugh? Here's a music video shot at the Whole Foods in Venice, which was my local grocery store when I lived in LA. Discovered it via the rad team at Hail Merry.

    Read more link text

    Violet's Nursery

    Since Nick and I were keeping Violet's name a secret until she was born, it wasn't until this week that I was able to put the finishing touches on her room and put her name up above her crib. We had a lot of fun putting her nursery together and focused on an animal-safari theme. For the most part we wanted to keep the colors gender neutral so that if we have another child who's a boy, we can reuse everything.

    One of our favorite things about the room is the light coming through the bay windows. A couple years ago Nick got me a Kikkerland Solar-Powered Double Rainbow Maker which we've put in Violet's room. When the sunlight hits it, the room fills with rainbows. Really fun!

    Aside from some awesome pieces we got at the baby shower, we found a ton of great things at Land Of Nod, Giggle and Amazon, as well as cool vintage pieces from the flea market and The Other Shop in NOPA.

    For the changing table, we took a vintage dresser we had in our guestroom, painted it and used thick velcro to secure a changing pad and diapering basket. For the side panel, I took wallpaper from Amber's shower gift and glued it in to make the dresser more playful.

    One project that's still in process is the origami mobile I'm making for Vi's crib. Right now it's just hanging in the window until I have the time to actually make it mobile.

    This mid-century modern chair we found at The Other Shop is my favorite chair to feed Vi in...surprisingly comfortable!

    Lastly, the crib...Though Vi is sleeping in our room in a bassinet for now, her crib is obviously a major nursery piece. We chose this Babyletto Mercer crib because it's modern and simple, it comes with everything to convert the crib for older kids and it has storage. Love it!

    Read more link text

    NYrika on ETSY

    Awhile back I featured one of NYrika's adorable knit coverall hats and today I wanted to share some different designs she makes. From animals to Yoda, for costume or a cold day, her knit hats are really fun and unique (as clearly seen by her super cute baby). Which is your favorite?!

    (Click on an image to be taken to her store.)

    Cute Owl Hat 12-24 months, $30

    Fox Coverall Hat 12-24 months, $33

    Green Frog Coverall hat 12-24 months, $33

    Bear Coverall Hat 9-18 months, $30

    Panda Bear Coverall Hat 12-24 months, $33

    Yoda star wars coverall hat 9-18 months, $30

    Read more link text

    Spring Style: Silk Top & Blue Jeans

    It's the last day of spring and one of the last days I'll be wearing silk for awhile. Despite San Francisco being known for its cold summers, there are still warm pockets!

    J. Crew Silk Crepe de Chine Blouse, $88 at Net-A-Porter.
    Michael Michael Kors Mid-rise Skinny Jeans, $155 at Net-A-Porter.
    Christian Louboutin Rosella Watersnake Ballerina Flats, $635 at Net-A-Porter.
    French Connection Silver & Black Beaded Necklace, $26 at ASOS.
    Nixon Chronicle SS Watch, $350 at Shopbop.
    Halston Heritage Shell/Black Canvas Bag, $645 at Stylebop.

    Read more link text

    Hazel Village on ETSY

    Found this amazing artist Jane of Hazel Village on Etsy. Based in Brooklyn, she hand makes all of these beautiful organic woodland animals and creates stories for them. You could build an entire nursery theme around her designs. They are incredibly cute!

    (Click on an image to be taken to her store.)

    Catalina Mouse, $38

    Flora Fox, $36

    Evangeline Frog, $38

    Reginald Fox, $38

    Zoe Rabbit, $36

    Max Raccoon, $36

    Read more link text

    Spring Style: Black, White & Red

    New dream printed shorts, silk tank and beautiful accessories...

    Maje Carmin Floral Printed Shorts, $150 at Stylebop.
    High Fashion Woven Satchel, $88 at Endless.
    Rachel Comey Woven Front Wedge Sandals, $410 at Saks.
    Selima Optique Andy Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, $325 at Net-A-Porter.
    Kain Washed-silk Tank, $155 at Net-A-Porter.

    Read more link text

    Weekend Style: Coral

    One of my favorite things to pair coral pieces with is light denim, and I love how this Topshop cutout sun top pairs with James Jeans' retro pants in true California style.

    James Jeans Play Girl Jeans, $172 at Shopbop.
    Red Gold Button Cutout Suntop, $46 at Topshop.
    Ippolita 18k Chunky Hoop Earrings, $1495 at Saks.
    Paul Smith Romiley Shades, $325 at Zappos Couture.
    Rag & Bone Addington Leather Wedge Sandals, $395 at Rag & Bone.

    Read more link text

    443Jewelry on ETSY

    First off, please excuse my lack of content and brevity, as over the last couple weeks I've become limited in my computer time due to rib pain when I sit (baby's feet are in my ribs basically) and mobile blogging doesn't allow for as complete of content.

    Second, here's a cool California designer 443Jewelry on Etsy I found who makes pretty and affordable jewelry that oftentimes incorporates vintage and new.

    Black and Gold Druzy Necklace, $65

    Gold Peacock Feather Necklace, $50

    Peace Necklace with Chrysoprase, $35

    Green Opal Glass with 16K Gold Earrings, $38

    Evil Eye Charm with Blue Lapiz Bracelet, $30

    Rectangular Grass Charm with Chrysoprase Necklace, $38

    Snake Necklace, $45

    Read more link text

    30 Years & A Due Date

    Today is both my due date and my husband Nick's 30th birthday! I love you man!

    Read more link text

    Weekend Style: Navajo

    Three easy pieces that have summer all over them! An affordable Navajo printed bag and cream lace dress paired with beautiful woven flatforms.

    Obey Tribal Crossbody in Indigo, $35 at RevolveClothing.
    Sheridan Mia Grain Leather Sandals, $275 at Jildor.
    BB Dakota Sabrah Mesh Dress, $75 at Shopbop.

    Read more link text

    Solange Knowles

    It's been weeks and I'm still drooling over this Solange Knowles spread from WhoWhatWear. She has serious styling chops! You can tell she has fun with her wardrobe.

    (Image via

    Read more link text

    Orla Kiely

    I enjoyed British designer Orla Kiely's prints for years, but it wasn't until I went to her store in Covent Garden, London that I fell in lust. Even though she doesn't have any stores in the US, she does have a great online shop with a collection of everything from women's clothing to wallpaper to laptop cases to stationary to luggage. Her prints are a bit modern, a lot retro (Mad Men style!) and 100% cheerful.

    Read more link text

    Spring Style: Happy Memorial Day!

    Are you doing anything special for Memorial Day? I'm 39 weeks along today and Nick and I are taking a little babymoon to Sonoma to stay in a B&B and get some QT and R&R before the baby comes :-)

    Hopefully the weather will behave!

    Twenty8Twelve by S. Miller Lyra Ribbed Jersey Tank, $62 (orig $205) at The Outnet.
    Rose Print Flippy Skirt, $58 at Topshop.
    Manolo Blahnik Guingla Quilted Leather Ballet Flats, $665 at Saks.
    Peggy Handbag, $448 at Free People.
    Marco Bicego 18k Gold Beaded Necklace, $3150 at Saks.

    Read more link text

    Weekend Style: 4 Pieces

    This little black silk dress is the perfect day to night dress for the city. While the fabric dresses it up, the zipper makes it more casual. Paired with three other key pieces and you're all set. Have a great weekend!

    ALC Marni Drawstring Silk Dress, $495 at Net-A-Porter.
    Dolce Vita Layla Flatforms, $98 at Piperlime.
    CC Skye Annie Hall Cross Body Bag, $350 at Shopbop.
    Obey The Horizon Bracelet, $22 at RevolveClothing.

    Read more link text

    Dedicated To Original Artists: Truche On Etsy

    Twitter is buzzing with news of Urban Outfitters ripping off yet another indie artist. The artist, Chicago-based Stevie Koerner, posted a comparison on her blog and now tweeters and the press are having a field day. (Check out New York Magazine's article about it here.) There is no doubt that her fun and unique I heart state necklace designs are being 100% stolen. Whether it was one designer at Urban or many higher ups who knew about it, it's wrong and the company should be held accountable. It's one thing to take inspiration from something, it's another to completely steal an idea, especially when it's a giant company taking advantage of a small company or independent artist who typically has little means of fighting back.

    As a fan of Stevie's Truche store on Etsy, I wanted to dedicate this week's Etsy post to her in hopes that buyers avoid the cheap knockoffs at Urban and buy authentic pieces instead. So here are seven rad designs from Truche. Go out and buy something from her shop NOW! Support indie artists!!

    (Click on an image to be taken to Stevie's shop.)

    I Heart California Necklace, $55

    Simple Chevron Earrings, $12

    I Heart State Cufflinks, $100: Perfect Wedding Present for Him!!

    Double Chevron Necklace, $60

    Simple Mountains, $23

    I Heart England, $55

    Simple Peaks Earrings, $12

    Read more link text

    It's A Gnome's Life

    A few days ago a friend passed on this charming, artistic, funny and sometimes somber blog, Gnome Life. The photography itself is beautiful, but of course the focal point is this mysterious gnome person and his little adventures, made all the more intriguing by the captions and titles.

    New York Fashion Week: Fix Up, Look Sharp

    I am one hundred and eight years old...

    new york threatens: a gnome prepares

    This is all wrong...

    Read more link text

    Spring Style: Mint & Cream

    Tie Front Henley Blouse, $375 at Edit NY.
    J. Crew Deena Twill Shorts, $98 at Net-A-Porter.
    Circle the Parque Earrings, $88 at Anthropologie.
    Elie Tahari Lanie Stitched Shoulder Bag, $358 (orig $478) at Bergdorf Goodman.
    Opening Ceremony Strap Lace Up Heel, $186 (orig $371) at La Garçonne.

    Read more link text

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