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I can’t believe I haven’t written in three months, and yet when I look back over the holiday season it’s clear why. Along with working more, having an increasingly active toddler and the normal flurry of events and travel that surrounds the holidays, we were also dealing with the death of a family member and the horrific tragedy in Newtown, which happens to be where Nick’s family lives.

Now settled into the new year, I’m eager to get back to writing and sharing. To start, here’s what I’ve been up to for the last few weeks…



November 20th marked ten years since my father passed away. I spent a week with my five siblings lamenting his death while also trying to keep his spirit alive through food (my father was a chef), James Bond (dad loved those movies) and ridiculous photography in which we all dressed up like versions of my dad through the decades while also mimicking the Royal Tenenbaums.



Being in Newtown was more difficult than I had imagined. Having a small child and a family living so close by to the shootings made everything all the more vivid. As a means of mourning the victims while also remembering our family member who passed, Nick came up with the idea of lighting 28 lanterns. We chose a clear night in Connecticut and let them off with family and friends. Once they reached the sky they all drifted directly in the direction of Sandy Hook Elementary.


On a lighter note, we spent a few days near the Catskills with friends over New Year’s Eve. The house was picturesque, in the middle of nowhere, filled with great food (and great people), and the surrounding property was the perfect place for Violet to experience snow for the first time.

A couple weeks after we got back to the Bay Area, Nick and I made the decision to move to Portland, Oregon! We are now in the throws of house hunting and getting all of our ducks in a row in a new state. I am already sad about leaving my friends and family here in the bay, but I am also excited for our new life in Portlandia.

More to come…

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