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A couple days ago I had a mini-accident on my bike and completely tore up the palms of my hands and my right knee. Luckily I wasn’t going fast and when I toppled over I caught the ground with my legs and hands, and my belly didn’t come close to hitting anything, but it was still scary. My belly is rapidly growing right now and I don’t think I noticed how off balance I am. I figured cycling was a safe exercise provided I stayed on trails, but my “girth” has proved otherwise.

The biggest bummer is that I go to yoga regularly and I have to skip it until my hands heal, or at least are not huge open painful wounds. I go to YogaWorks in Larkspur and Mill Valley and love it. The teachers are amazing and I’m starting to feel like part of a community, especially in my prenatal classes, which by the way have become an integral part of me feeling comfortable, sane and prepared for pregnancy and birth. I highly recommend them!

My mom started practicing yoga as a kid (she was obsessed with all things Indian, including my father) and so my brother and I grew up playing around with it, but it wasn’t until I reached my twenties that I started practicing more regularly. I really have to work at it, while my brother Kaleem is somewhat of a natural. I took this photo of him a few years ago at a lake in Yosemite. One day I’ll get that strong and flexible, but for now, I’m going to go on a walk!

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