I recently started taking this fusion exercise class called Burn which combines pilates, cardio and weights, and I’m completely obsessed with it now. I seriously never thought I’d say that about exercise!

My good friend Kate turned me on to Burn. She has always been very fit, seen trainers and taken a myriad of fitness classes, so believe me when I tell you that we both agree that Burn is the best workout we’ve ever had (at least since soccer practice and suicide drills in middle school). It’s fast paced and there are a lot of different exercises, so you never get bored, and the pilates spring boards are incredible for stretching and resistance toning. Fifteen minutes into each class I’m thinking “why the f*&$! would I pay for this?” because it’s so challenging, and then twenty minutes later I’m feeling high and happy, stronger and more flexible than ever and can’t wait to go back. The music they play is also an excellent motivator…the XX, LCD Soundsystem, Rihanna, Nirvana.

As a new mom with–quite literally–no abs, it is an excellent workout for getting back into shape and toning your belly. (After my first class I was sore in my abdomen for five days.) And when you have little time to yourself, it’s really nice to have a class that makes that hour worthwhile. Highly recommend it!

(Image via BurnSf.com)

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