Children’s Eyeworks & the Importance of Sunglasses


Sunglasses may seem like a novelty for babies and small kids, but they’re actually quite important. As my friend Divina–owner of the wonderful Children’s Eyeworks and mother of two–pointed out to me, children have more sensitive eyes than adults do and spend more time outdoors, so sun protection is a must.

Last summer Divina invited us to do a photoshoot for her new selection of eyewear and I was instantly impressed with how wearable and adorable her selection is. Unlike most cheap store lines, her sunnies stay on well, are made of lasting high quality frames and have 100% UV protection. When you think of how much sun damage is done in the first 18 years of life, you realize the importance of protecting our kids’ little peepers! Check out her online store and blog at

IMG_8053 - 560 x 300

IMG_8164 - 560 x 300


IMG_8058 - 560 x 300

(All images belong to Children’s Eyeworks.)


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