Dedicated To Original Artists: Truche On Etsy

Twitter is buzzing with news of Urban Outfitters ripping off yet another indie artist. The artist, Chicago-based Stevie Koerner, posted a comparison on her blog and now tweeters and the press are having a field day. (Check out New York Magazine’s article about it here.) There is no doubt that her fun and unique I heart state necklace designs are being 100% stolen. Whether it was one designer at Urban or many higher ups who knew about it, it’s wrong and the company should be held accountable. It’s one thing to take inspiration from something, it’s another to completely steal an idea, especially when it’s a giant company taking advantage of a small company or independent artist who typically has little means of fighting back.

As a fan of Stevie’s Truche store on Etsy, I wanted to dedicate this week’s Etsy post to her in hopes that buyers avoid the cheap knockoffs at Urban and buy authentic pieces instead. So here are seven rad designs from Truche. Go out and buy something from her shop NOW! Support indie artists!!

(Click on an image to be taken to Stevie’s shop.)

I Heart California Necklace, $55

Simple Chevron Earrings, $12

I Heart State Cufflinks, $100: Perfect Wedding Present for Him!!

Double Chevron Necklace, $60

Simple Mountains, $23

I Heart England, $55

Simple Peaks Earrings, $12

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