DIY: Homemade Live Edge Side Tables for $50


For ages I’ve been admiring live edge tables with mid-century modern legs because I love the juxtaposition between organic and natural with modern and industrial. From independent boutiques to large retailers, I’ve seen a solid variety of these tables, but I was always hesitant to buy them because they’re expensive for something that looked so easy to make at home.

After a little research I found that the hardest part is finding the right wood slabs. If you have access to logs and woodworking equipment this is easy, but for city folks it means tracking down a vendor who sells pre-sliced cuts of wood. (As you would imagine, shipping blocks of wood can get quite expensive, so finding something locally is much more affordable.)

While visiting one of my favorite shops here in Portland, Beam and Anchor, I stumbled upon the shop ECOpdx, which sells salvaged and sustainable hardwood furniture. The friendly people at ECOpdx sell slabs of wood for as little as $10 and they will sand and refinish the pieces for $10 each. I opted to pay the extra bit to have them prepped for me, but this is something you could always do at home, especially if you have an electric sander. The most important thing is making sure that the surfaces are flat.

For the legs, I chose quintessential mid-century modern hairpin legs. These can be found all over the place–just google “hairpin legs” or visit Etsy. I found mine at a local Portland shop called The Reclaimory that sells vintage and modern furniture and décor at great prices.

Since the slabs I chose are round, I only needed three legs each. My hubby marked the wood, tested the location of the legs, drilled the screws in (making sure to pick the right length so not too short or too long–which could crack the wood) and we were done. Super easy side tables for about $50 each!

*Note: Another option is to take an old table/stool or a new cheap tabletop from IKEA and add your own legs on. Small changes like this can make something much more unique and personal. 

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