Dressing For the Third Trimester

This weekend I couldn’t hold out any longer. When I realized that 98% of my closet didn’t come close to fitting me and the other 2% made me look like a bag lady, I knew it was time to go shopping.

In order to not end up buying things for just eight weeks of wear, I decided to go one or two sizes up in cozy, flouncy dresses that I could belt and cinch later. Two amazing brands for this are Splendid and Velvet, which use high quality cotton that does not pill or stretch out and therefore looks good through multiple washings.

Thanks to a birthday gift card for Bloomies, I ended up with three great dresses:
Splendid’s Venice Stripe Tee Dress and Velvet by Graham & Spencer’s Katia Mesh Tank Dress and Latrice Baby Jersey Tank Dress with Rosette Detail. Not only are all of these incredibly comfy, but they pair well with different things, making them very versatile and perfect for a city like San Francisco where microclimates have you layering up and down constantly.

Next up was pants; by far my greatest challenge in pregnancy. Every belly sits differently, on top of which too tight of waist bands can cause discomfort whereas too loose of waist bands give you baggy bottom (or just fall off). Finally I found something stylish, comfortable and well-fitting: Gap’s Demi Panel Skinny Cargo Pants. They are soft and fitted, easy to pull on and off and can be dressed up and down. Plus, for someone short with hips like me, they help balance out your silhouette so you don’t look like one big belly.

Finding the right sizing can be tough. While many companies say to go with the size you were pre-pregnancy, I found this to be true only in the second trimester but not when well into your third. With your hips (and other bits) expanding, even if you’re at a healthy weight it’s likely you’ll go up a size or two in maternity clothes.

My next step in the third trimester clothing hunt will be for cute shoes that are supportive. As much as I love to wear flats, I’ve realized that my Nike Free Runs are the only shoes that allow me to walk around all day without getting backaches or round ligament pain. Of course, these would look terrible with most of my clothes! I’ve been adding inserts into my shoes but it’s just not the same. Have any suggestions?




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