Everyone Soap

I’m always on the lookout for good new eco-friendly products that are free of chemicals and don’t test on animals, and I just discovered a shampoo–body wash–bubble bath combo that I love called Everyone Soap made by EO.

EO is a family owned & operated company that makes natural and organic body products using herbs and essential oils and they are based locally in Marin. I’ve used their soaps and shampoos in the past, and what drew me to trying their Everyone Soap was two things–packaging (I’m a sucker for good design) and scent.

I absolutely love coconut; it has been my “statement” scent for twenty years (wow I feel old saying that). I also love refreshing scents like mint & lemon when showering, but many of them end up smelling like cleaning products and turn me off. The blend of coconut & lemon in the Everyone Soap is perfect. Clean, tropical and also classic. (They also do a lavender & aloe and citrus & mint). It’s a simple product that would be great for traveling as it’s a shampoo, body wash & bath gel in one, has scents that both men and women can share, is baby-friendly, not to mention that it’s cruelty and chemical free.

Recently Diane Sawyer had a segment on ABC’s World News about the dangers of chemicals in beauty products and it reminded me of how admirable companies like EO are for making such healthy, earth/people/animal-friendly products at affordable prices and for getting those great products into stores like Whole Foods so that they are more readily available.

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