Exhaustion, Isolation and PPD

Today Violet is four weeks old and the little wonder blessed me by sleeping just a bit extra last night, allowing me to get in some longer stretches and a total of 9.5 hours of sleep!! (In increments of course.) I feel like a new woman.

Just a few days ago I was hitting my first wall. Violet was having a growth spurt and barely slept for a couple days, which left me feeling exhausted and zombie-esque. This coincided with Nick returning to work and the end to helpful guests, which meant that not only was I grumpy, but I was alone with Violet all day, somewhat incapable of doing much more than move from the sofa to the kitchen. As cute as she is, it’s hard for anyone to go from being super active to immobile for hours on end.

I started to feel isolated. I wanted to go out but aside from short walks it seemed difficult to sort out myself. And so for the first time I started to feel hints of what Post Partum is all about and how it starts. Exhaustion coupled with isolation is the perfect recipe for anyone to feel down, even with an incredible new baby. Throw in the fact that your clothes don’t fit, your body is changing constantly and you barely have time to eat at times, and it’s clear why Post Partum Depression is so common.

After discussing this with some friends going through the same emotions, I decided to be proactive about it and do some things to stop any PPD/boost myself up. I’m already feeling better and so I wanted to share these tips with you…

• Make dates to do things outside with friends. Since scheduling things is so hard with newborns, I invite people over and we leave the house as soon as Violet’s been fed. (If you can’t meet up with friends, skype with them!)

• Get some exercise! I just started running again and the cardio completely relaxes me. I feel better and I sleep better. I plan my runs for when Nick gets home and on the weekends.

• Go to sleep early(-ier)! Even if you know you’re going to be up again in an hour or two, turn in by 9:30-10pm.

• Drink a ton of water.

• Take your vitamins. Especially B vitamins! I’ve been taking prenatals with DHA and just added an extra dose of B complex, which has helped my energy and mood.

• Get out of your pajamas! A lot of books say to stay in your pajamas so visitors know not to stay long, but I think getting dressed-if only in cute gym attire-can make you feel better about yourself and motivate you to get outdoors.


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