Full Moon Induction

It’s taken me nearly four weeks to sit down and write about Violet’s birth, but I certainly have not forgotten anything about that big day. Initially I was going to give a detailed account, but I think this format will be more concise and just as informative.

#1. Induction is not as invasive as I had thought it would be. It took 10 hours for me to feel any contractions and the nurses were very patient with everything. That said, under no condition should anyone be induced without painkillers. Absolute torture. Honestly if I had to choose between doing that again and water boarding, I’d choose the latter. My mom had a quick labor with two kids and from her observation of what I went through in transition, my contractions were insanely long and close together. There was absolutely no time to catch my breath or rest and I went from 4 to 10cm in about three hours.

#3. Yoga helped me in early labor, it helped me have no fear, it helped me push Violet out quickly and painlessly, but nothing could help during transition. Nothing! Every new mom and I agree-when the real pain kicks in, no amount of classes or methods are going to help you.

#4. Though I was lucky to have a “natural” birth versus a c-section (as was originally planned), I was not lucky to have been induced on this crazy day at the hospital (it was a full moon!) in which emergency after emergency prevented me from getting an epidural and Nick and I were basically left to our own devices for hours. In a way we got a feel for what a home birth would be like.

#5. After all was said and done, Violet was delivered safely and is a very healthy, happy “good” baby. When I start having cold sweats and flashbacks from labor, I just focus on that!



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