Halloween on Etsy

Halloween is in less than two weeks! Do you have plans? What are you dressing up as?

Having grown up in England without a Halloween, my husband Nick sort of hates the holiday, but now that we have Violet he’s ready to start participating again. I’m not entirely certain what our plans are yet, but I think it includes a dead rockstar costume party & then dressing up as different jungle animals (with Violet as a cheetah).

Searching on Etsy for Halloween gear is funny; a definite reminder of why there is a site called Regretsy. But in between the horrifying display of handcrafts, there are a few gems. Here are some of my faves…

Happy Halloween Costume Party Invites, $15 at LukeCommaSara

Halloween Ghost Brothers Cupcake Toppers in Edible Fondant, $28 at MimiCafeUnion

Halloween Spider Web Bowl, $18 at CatherineReece

Baby Sushi Costume, $40 at TheWishingElephant

Halloween Cupcake Toppers: Witch's Brew, $11.25 at KiwiTinCreations

Halloween Stamped Drawstring Bags, $11 at BrownOut

Mice Silhouettes, $6 at CottonRidgeEmporium

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