Happy Mother’s Day

Back in the early 70s, my mom studied Aikido at Saito Sensei’s dojo in Japan. This was always very exciting to us kids, especially when Karate Kid came out and my mom whipped out her own personal head scarf and taught us how to do rolls. Years later she was randomly googling herself (we all do it), and found this site dedicated to the dojo. She submitted some of her own photos to the site and now there is this rad collection of her Aikido crew. It’s something I really look up to and admire about my mom-that she set off by herself to a foreign country to study martial arts. Aikido in particular is a an art I really admire. Aikido: Ai = harmony, Ki = spirit, do = the way or path.

What do you love about your mom?

(My mom, Mary is the last person on the top row.)

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