Happy New Year

Happy 2014 (almost)!

These last few months I’d taken a break from blogging to focus on family, but I’m happy to be coming back with a lot to share in the new year. 2013 was a busy year filled with some wonderful times and some difficult times, and looking back it’s hard to believe how much Violet has grown and how much our lives have changed moving to Portland and making some big adjustments in our lives. And I’m excited for all that 2014 has in store, mainly the birth of baby #2 in late spring (I’m pregnant!) and watching Violet grow and say new things. 

Below are some of my most memorable moments from 2013.

Hope your 2014 is a great one!



Violet and her (very short lived) pet fish Fettucine Gorgonzola


Checking out local galleries at a First Thursdays art walk in San Francisco.


Moving to Portland and exploring Bend & Hood River.


Violet’s first days of school.


Taking Vi to Disneyland for her 2nd birthday.


Gorgeous hikes in Point Reyes


Getting attacked by a bird at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT.


Roasting Mast Brothers Chocolate s’mores over a campfire with friends.


Checking out the fog machines at the new Exploritorium in San Francisco with Vi and my older brother Kaleem.


Watching my oldest friend get hitched!


Our first snow in Portland.


Exploring a new country.


Laying on the beaches of Hawaii (my happy place).


Our final hike with our dear (and late) dog Oakley.


Christmas with a very excited kiddo.


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