I Survived My First Winter in Portland!


I survived my first winter in Portland and I have to say it was not all the rain and gloom it was chalked up to be. I’ve heard from locals that this last year has been unseasonably sunny and dry, which either means we got lucky or people are hiding the true loveliness of Portland to discourage more people from moving here.

Coming from the Bay Area where seasons are mostly non-existent, it was lovely to have a real summer filled with heat and consistent days of sunshine. Living farther north also means at the height of the summer it’s still light out at 10pm–perfect for dinner outdoors! There were a good couple weeks when the heat hit the mid-90s, but most of the time it was in the 80s.


The plethora of colors that hit with autumn amazed me. It was a slow change from hot to ideal sweater weather and I was surprised at how much sunshine remained.



Once winter actually hit, I felt so fulfilled by the full summer and beautiful fall that I was ready for the cold and gray. I quickly learned that when the weather calls for cloudy skies, you typically get some nice patches of blue as well. While some days got as cold as nine degrees, most of the time it was in the 30s during the day.

We had two snow storms, one brief stint in late fall and the other in January which lasted for days and provided some great sledding opportunities!



The rainy season is around the corner and I’m nearing my super pregnant “no flying allowed” time, so I’m curious to see how I’ll cope as a California girl. Sometimes I dream of the beaches and sunsets on the California coast, but overall I’m pleasantly surprised by the seasons here.

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