Jojo Eats Dim Sum

Growing up I had an early introduction to “ethnic” foods. My father was a chef who owned Indian/Pakistani restaurants and my mom lived in Japan in the early 70s, so I grew up eating things that most of my friends thought were strange. Of course, nowadays everyone is familiar with things like seaweed, tofu and curry, but back in the 1980s you wouldn’t find things like vindaloo sauce at the grocery store. In general you could say that I had a very early appreciation for different foods and trying new things.

Nick had a similar experience. Growing up in England, curry was much more common place than in the US and he traveled a lot, which meant he had to be open to different foods and came to love trying new things.

Thirty years later and we’re hoping to instill this same passion for food in our kids, which brings me to this awesome book called Jojo Eats Dim Sum, written by James Kye. James is a good friend of ours who is very humble about his talents. We had no idea what to expect until we saw the book for ourselves and realized that not only is he extremely intelligent, witty and kind, but he is an amazing illustrator and author as well. The book is beautifully designed, with elements that make my design heart flutter (large format, incredible drawings mixed with photographs mixed with duotones, creative use of type) but are also great for kids.

Jojo Eats Dim Sum takes you through a day in the life of a child who goes out to dim sum and loves to try new things. A charming and unique story perfect for teaching kids to learn to try, accept and love new things…and hopefully help them to be open-minded eaters. I am buying it for all of my friends with kids-you should too!

The book is available on amazon here.

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