Good morning! I’m 34 weeks along today and over the last few days the baby had completely moved up my belly. It now gets uncomfortable to eat more than small amounts at one time, to lean forward and even to laugh hard (as she seems to be on my diaphragm). In order to continue to get enough good food and nutrients throughout the day, my mom had the great idea to start using a juicer. She brought over this ol’ big guy yesterday and it works great. I started my day with carrot apple juice and am out to get more veggies to juice for the week.

Though I’ve read that drinking fresh juice is the most nutrient-rich, it would be a great idea to make big batches and store them up for the week (freeze them as they go bad quickly); a great time saver that is perfect throughout pregnancy and also while breastfeeding/strapped on time.

TIP: My friend Kate likes to mix juices and smoothies with Whey To Go protein for energy and extra sustenance.


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