Kid Gear: Little Lunalu

Over the weekend I found this awesome London-based kid’s store online called Little Lunalu. The shop carries a bunch of stylish and fun brands from Europe and the US, including two awesome Swedish labels Mini Rodini and Let Them Eat Cake. The background behind how creator Adina Belloli got started is quite cool too. Wanting to merge her passion for charity with her love of fashion, she started the Lunalu Foundation to better the lives of underpriveleged children. 5% of all sales from the store goes to this charity!

I love finding a shop like this. Not only is the gear unique and playful, but it benefits a great cause as well. If you’re ever looking for shower gifts and want to give back while you’re at it, Little Lunalu is a great fit.

(P.S. David Bowie baby is rad, right?)

Ensemble Poet outfit by Talc.
Moon from Okido Magazine.
Shirt from Swedish brand Mini Rodini.
Blue Tutu from Little Lunalu.

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