Laura Lee Jewellery

Four years ago I was in London with my husband’s family when my husband’s stepmother brought me into the beautiful Covent Garden jewelry store of Laura Lee. Unbeknownst to me, what I thought was a casual visit to one of her favorite shops was actually a covert operation to introduce me to the jeweler who would be designing my engagement ring. Lucky for me, Laura Lee is an incredible designer and charming person, who discreetly sized my ring finger and got a sense of my style while we drank champagne and tried on tons of glorious pieces.

If you’re ever in London, a visit to her shop is a must as it is stocked full of some of the most fabulous handcrafted jewelry you can imagine plus a great collection of charm necklaces (LL was one of the first to design them), cameo pieces and signet rings. But in the mean time, check out her online store and lookbook which-I might add-show only a glimmer of her work but are still quite lovely.

Wish Upon A Star Ring, £140

Whippet Cameo Necklace, £275

Honey Tourmaline Ring, £2200

Coin Earrings, £150

Number Necklace, £110

Horse Cameo Ring, £475

(All images from Laura Lee Jewellery.)

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