Marin General


This morning Nick and I toured the maternity ward at Marin General Hospital, where we’ll be having our baby. It was The first time I didn’t feel nervous in a hospital, in part because it was quiet and surrounded by green, and also because we were there for good reasons.

After learning that they have the best (or one of) hospital lactation services in the state, they leave the baby on your chest for an hour plus directly after birth, they allow you to be with the baby constantly but also have a great nursery, they have only private rooms and they have the mountains as views, I knew we’d picked the right place.

Additional perks:
• I’ve been told they have an awesome nursing staff.
• A mini fridge in every room.
• Armchairs that convert to single beds for partners.
• A seriously cute baby store in the ward.
• A park across the street in case anyone needs some fresh air.
• Good food options close by.

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