Mum Gear: Dressing For Pregnancy

Every pregnant women struggles with figuring out what to wear as their belly grows bigger. First you’re too small for maternity wear and too large for your normal clothing, next all you can find are frumpy items that make you feel like a tent. The key is to stick to the basics first, like leggings and fitted tops, and add complementary layering pieces like button down shirts (borrow your partners!), sweaters and dresses. Just don’t pair baggy bottoms with baggy tops!

And you don’t have to spend a lot of money. For tops with stretch, a lot of times just choosing a size or two up works and is cheaper than shopping in the maternity department. And for bottoms, there are always belly bands to convert your normal pants to maternity ones. If you’re missing out on new trends in clothing and shoes (such if your shoe size is changing), there’s always accessories like bags and scarfs to spice up your wardrobe. I just got this beautiful handcrafted organic thread tote from Fabric & Handle to add some print to my wardrobe.

Maryl Tote Shopping Bag, $39 at Fabric & Handle (10% off when you sign up to receive their newsletters or visit them on Facebook).
ASOS Maternity Exclusive Kate Indigo Jeggings, $45 at ASOS.
Polo Ralph Lauren Denim Shirt, $125 at Ralph Lauren.

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