Packing Your Hospital Bag

Yesterday Nick & I finished packing our hospital bag. It’s an interesting process and gave me chills much like I had before I got married. I kept thinking, “My life will never be the same when I get back from this journey”. And packing for the unexpected is difficult…What size will she be? What size will I be?

I decided to call a friend who delivered at Marin General a few months ago to find out what I really needed and what I could leave at home. As every hospital is different and every person is different, it was good to have a real world view on what to bring as opposed to following a baby book list, which tend to be ridiculously long. The key things she mentioned were flip flops, nursing pjs and champagne & a bottle opener to celebrate with. She also said to hide any prenatal vitamins from the nurses because they won’t let you take any drugs/vitamins that they don’t give you (and bill you for) and that many things (like underwear and diapers) they hospital provides.

So I pulled a little from books, a lot from my friend and added some Sara necessities, like special mixes I made to either energize or relax me during labor depending on my mood.

Here’s my list:

• flip flops or slippers (some women’s feet swell)
• a comfortable outfit for returning home (sweats and a t-shirt, nothing fancy)
• nursing bra
• socks (preferably non-skid)
• toiletries (there’s nothing worse than bad conditioner on curly long hair)
happy massager (for when Nick’s hands tire)
• nursing pajamas (or even just a v-neck/easy access top)
• 2 outfits for bébé, 1 newborn size and 1 for 0-3 months, plus socks, mitts and a hat
Aden + Anais swaddling blanket
• protein bars
• camera & charger
• iphone with all my favorite music, 2 mixes & charger
• journal & pen
• champagne/wine and bottle opener to celebrate!

The car seat is installed, the bag is packed, I’m in the slow process of pre-labor and now it’s all a waiting game!


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One Response to Packing Your Hospital Bag

  1. Susie says:

    So excited for you guys! Best of luck! Thanks for the packing tips.

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