Photobook America Wedding Album

More than two years after the fact, I finally got around to putting together and printing my wedding album. I got a Groupon for Photobook America and decided to give it a try.

The design process was very intuitive and simplified, though it took me a long time to put everything together given that I wanted to customize everything. When I finally got the book back, I loved how the overall finished product looked, but some of the photos had poor saturation and the type bled. I contacted customer support and received–quite literally–some of the best customer service I’ve ever had. Over email, the rep walked me through everything, reviewed some pictures I sent, reprinted the book and expedited the new one to me at no cost. They were incredibly efficient and helpful.

Groupon is having another deal for $115 worth of Photobook America products for $35 and I’m thinking about getting a new book printed of Violet’s first year or as a book of the family with names for her to read. The quality of the books is great and I love that if there’s a problem, Photobook will walk you through it and fix it quickly; few companies have great service like that nowadays.

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