Pick Three: Online Shops for Women

Like many people, I often feel bogged down by the sheer volume of options available for just about everything (ever spent ten minutes looking at a wall of toothpastes?), so in an effort to maintain some minimalism, I’ve started to break things down to my top 3s. To start, when shopping online the options are endless, but my go-tos for women’s clothing and shoes are…


1. Shopbop: When shopping online, Shopbop is my higher end go-to. They have a consistently great collection of clothing, bags, jewelry and shoes from different designers, plus frequent sales with as much as 75% off items. Plus they have excellent customer service. (A close second is RevolveClothing.)

2. ASOS: A broad assortment of trendy pieces at low and mid-level prices, plus free shipping & returns.

3. Need Supply Co: Basically a combination of 1 & 2. A well-curated collection of low-end and designer pieces that tend towards the trendy or unique.

I would love to know what yours are! Am I missing something rad?

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