San Francisco Tour via Instagram

Every time my youngest sister Serena is in town from Las Vegas, I take her around to new neighborhoods, restaurants and shops in the city in an effort to show her all that San Francisco has to offer (and convince her to come here for college). Not only is it fun for her to try different kinds of food that she can’t find in Las Vegas, but it’s fun for me to hang out with a smart, hilarious and lighthearted person all day and see some new Bay Area spots myself.

Some of the exciting things we did I didn’t get on camera, like trying Jesus Juice sorbet (a delicious and odd mix of red wine and coca cola) and Breakfast Cereal ice cream (bourbon and cornflakes) at Humphrey Slocombe , checking out food cart mania at Off The Grid at Fort Mason (favorite food cart was Kasa!) and wine tasting in Half Moon Bay.

1. Spreckles Lake in Golden Gate Park

2. Embarcadero pier on a sunny day.

3. Namu Korean Tacos at the Ferry Building

4. Chocolate covered strawberries at Chateau Williams

5. Brighter Faster in Hayes Valley

6. Miette in Hayes Valley

7. Chantal Guillon vs Miette Macaron Taste Off

8. Palace of Fine Arts

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