The Crazy Unpredictable Thing Called Life

A week ago Nick got a call from our landlord telling us she is moving back in and we need to be out on July 1st. Obviously this came as a huge surprise to us and could not have come at a worse time given that I’m having the baby in three weeks and have placenta previa.

After stressful talks with family and lawyers we found out that what the landlord was doing is illegal but that since our lease is up in a few months anyway, we may as well just move now and avoid any court battles or increasingly stressful situations (like the plumbing being crappy for weeks without the landlords doing a thing about it). Of course, since June or July 1st is not an option for us, that meant moving now!

So as of tomorrow Nick, Oakley and I will be moving (again) into a lovely Edwardian apartment near Golden Gate Park.

Despite how incredibly difficult this last week has been, I am staying positive and looking forward to being closer to friends again as well as restaurants, shops and grande parks.

Here’s a peak into our new place…


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