The First Birthday & Party Inspiration

People keep reminding me of two things:

1. Violet will not remember her first birthday.
2. A child’s first birthday is really for the parents.

Recognizing these things, in about a month I will attempt to play hostess to loads of adults while simultaneously creating an environment which is fun and stimulating for Violet in the present. I love entertaining and planning events, so–as #2 so poignantly points out–this party is an excuse for me to do just that. It’s also an opportunity to use all of those playful, girly decorations I never experienced at my own childhood parties.

I used the free service Paperless Post to send invites. Unlike evite (which lacks good design functionality) and Facebook (which seemed a bit too impersonal), I could upload my own design and use cool layouts with Paperless Post,  and track who has received the invite or not. (The service has great cards too!)

The next step is buying decorations, so today I’m heading to a craft store to buy a bunch of supplies and attempt to create them myself. While my sister keeps telling me that I need to abandon control and let other people help more, I keep thinking about how my many years in art classes and art school should make me well prepared for a world of crafty DIY projects. With Amy Atlas as my inspiration, we’ll see how that turns out!

Lastly will be the food, which I will gladly accept help with.

(Images via moi, Amy Atlas, Potter & Butler on Etsy & Our Daily Obsessions.)

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