The Last Weekend In Pictures: Fort Bragg & Mendocino

After having a relaxing and nature-filled long weekend in Mendocino & Fort Bragg, I’m back in the Bay. I love that there are so many sublime places in arm’s reach from San Francisco; it’s one of the highlights of living in the Bay Area. And the Northern California coast is a favorite as much of the coastline is empty and untouched, while the architecture dates back to the 1850s when gold miners were developing towns. We stayed at the Cottages at Little River Cove, which are like little homes with kitchens and separate bedrooms-perfect for kids (they are also pet-friendly!)

Highlights from the weekend include checking out Johnny’s wood shop at College of the Redwoods, watching the sunset two nights in a row (including an insanely colorful one that blew us away), exploring the charming galleries along the coast in Mendocino, going on a five-mile hike through the pygmy forest and to the beach, and my favorite…seeing Violet touch sand and really see the ocean for the first time.

Speaking of Violet, my little bébé is infatuated with sticking her tongue out of her mouth…


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