The Wonderful Adventures of Violet Florence: Part Two

Part Two of the Wonderful Adventures of Violet Florence.

(If you missed Part One, go here.)

#9: Vi starts the day with a stroll through Madison Square Park, then pauses to take in the glorious smells emanating from Shake Shack.

#10: Violet tries to play it cool in front of the cops. “Please don’t find my stash!” she thinks. Little does she realize they’re meter maids.

#11: Violet escapes New York by train and heads north to see Grandma in a mysterious place called Connecticut. She says goodbye to the city…until next time.

#12: Safe at Grandma’s, Violet finds the biggest toy in the house and has her first lesson on piano.

#13: The next day a party is thrown in Violet’s honor, but all she can think about is which cupcake to choose.

#14: High from the sugar, Violet is soothed by the glowing lights of a mini rave-style toy & begins composing electronica in her head.

#15: Later that day, Violet meets Humphrey. Completely infatuated with each other, they pose for pictures in bed à la John & Yoko.

#16: The last morning of her trip, Violet goes outside and takes in some fresh country air.

#17: Finally home in her own bed, Violet curls up next to her old friend Roti and tells her about all of the things she did and saw on the East Coast. Then passes out.

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