Trip To Hawaii…In Pictures

Though my recent trip to Maui had a bunch of hiccups (such as half of us getting a mean cold), it also had its share of happy moments. There are few places more naturally beautiful in the world and so filled with rainbows!

Five tips for traveling to Maui tropics with a baby are…
1. Get chemical free sunscreen and an umbrella, or pick beaches that have a fair share of shade. Many guides and snorkeling shops will know where to send you. Also plan your days so that you’re not outside when the sun is the strongest.
2. Leave the Road to Hana off the agenda. I went years ago and loved it, but that’s because I was able to hike down to waterfalls and swim and lounge around all day. The long windy drive is not worth it when the paths to the waterfalls aren’t baby friendly and you have 3+ hours in the car with an infant!
3. Plan the sleeping situation in advance so that baby is sleeping well once there…whether it’s renting a crib or bringing a pack and play or similar. We got a Kidco Peapod Travel Bed because it’s small enough to pack in a suitcase, weighs five pounds and could be used for a bed and on the beach to protect Violet from the sun. So easy!
4. Bring a small arrangement of toys & light books. You don’t need to bring a lot but if you bring 2-3 toys that are quite different (like Sophie the Giraffe and a Lamaze toy) and a couple lightweight books (the Mr. Men & Little Miss books are perfect!), you’ll be better prepared to entertain a kiddo on the plane and in the car.
5. There is a Costco and Whole Foods on Maui, which means you can get baby gear for cheap in bulk and you can get organic baby food and formula too (the formula at WF was 20-30% more expensive than in California, but all else was about the same). Local markets carry diapers in small bags of 5-6, so if you need just a few they are a great place to try.

And now for the pictures…

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