Twin Shadow at Great American Music Hall

Last weekend my sister Nyla (the Robin to my Batman), came to town and joined me at my fave venue–Great American Music Hall–to see Twin Shadow  aka George Lewis Jr. with warmup band Poolside. I came across Twin Shadow via NPR’s World Café a couple years ago, but it wasn’t until this summer with the release of his second album Confess that I really started to pay attention.

I bought both of his albums (the first being Forget) and listened to them back to back. I heard many sounds that reminded me of my 80s youth, filled with synthetic riffs and ballads like those by Morrissey and Keith Forsey. But there is a contemporary twist there too which is playful and energizing and makes you want to dance even if it’s a sad love song.

Live I was also impressed. Not only was Twin Shadow great live, friendly and charming, but he sings damn well and wore a fun mesh shirt under his blazer to boot (which, I might add, looked like a very hairy back in some light). He mentioned that GAMH is his favorite venue (does he say this to all the venues?).

As for the warmup band Poolside, their look and sound took me straight back to summer nights in Los Angeles. A mostly instrumental band, their sound is lounge music on uppers; basically the perfect poolside music. One of my favorite tracks was their rendition of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon…a great ode to a classic song. I also enjoyed Slow Down…“Slow Don’t move so fast. Slow down. Let this feeling last. Relax It’s alright. The starlight will guide us through the night”. My new motto.

Poolside are back in the Bay September 22nd at Monarch and October 10th at Mezzanine & Twin Shadow is crossing the US before hitting Europe–check them out!

And lastly, I want to leave you with Twin Shadow’s fun video for his hit Five Seconds:

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