Vintage & Used Baby Clothes

Although mentally it’s nice to think about having new clothes for your new baby, it’s also pretty expensive to dress someone who changes sizes every couple weeks or so (or really every day, right?). A great way to save money and have a plethora of nice outfits for bébé is to start thrift store shopping. Some boutiques will offer used clothes, but they are usually just as expensive as new. The best place to find nice, clean, and even new baby gear is to get out of the city and go to a place like Napa or Petaluma and score the vintage/thrift shops there.

Thanks to my mom, one stop at a shop in Napa and I ended up with adorable, fun, practical and new baby clothes for as little as .25 cents! While pieces by brands like Gymboree are the most “expensive” at $1.50 for a dress, fancy but unknown labels usually go for under $1. In other words, these shops are goldmines for baby clothes!

Of course, when you bring the clothes home they don’t have quite the new clothes smell, so just wash the used clothes in a baby-safe detergent and you’re good to go. With an entire wardrobe for under $15,  the detergent will probably be your most expensive purchase. Plus, buying used is the most eco-conscious option (provided you don’t drive 50 miles to get to a store) and any chemicals in the cotton and dyes are typically gone by the time you buy them.

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